The prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area realized as local schools and hospitals damage health of children

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Topical issues of health protection of children and their training were considered on enlarged meeting of board of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area. Heads of regional prosecutor's office took part in work of meeting headed by the prosecutor of the Nikolaev areaNikolay Stoyanov, vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administrationVladimir Lusta, chiefs of the relevant structural divisions of the regional state administration.

In Nikolayevshchina some state and regional programs which are urged to provide protection of life and health of minors, to create safe conditions for healthy development of children during training and rest are carried out. However, as in the report the first deputy prosecutor of the regionfairly notedSergey Polishchuk, the present condition of medical branch is caused by a number of factors of social and economic character of nation-wide level, and the main of them - inadequate financing. From here - and the equipment which has outdate for 70%, both a lack of medicines, and a staff deficit. It is clear that the designated problems - but it all the same doesn't relieve responsibility for preservation of health and life of children from officials.

S. Polishchuk reported that the most difficult situation with equipment updating - in Arbuzinsky, Bereznegovatsky, Vradiyevsky, Kazankovsky, Elanetsky, Voznesensky areas, thus in Kazankovskom, and also Bashtansk areas regional programs properly aren't carried out, the prosecutor's office revealed groundless reduction of their financing. The problem of functioning of medical offices at schools - in the city of Nikolaev, Bereznegovatsky, Novobugsky, Snigirevsky is sharp, other areas where there are no medical workers, medicines, and from - for lack of refrigerators periods of storage of the last are broken. "Limps" and is material - technical ensuring the majority of regional infectious offices.

Unfortunately, the tendency to increase in quantity of cases of children's disability is observed today, and, as a rule, it is children from socially dysfunctional families. In such families - the greatest percent and the child mortality as which reason congenital developmental anomalies often serve. First place won by Nikolayev across Ukraine in statistics of distribution of HIV - an infection, drug addiction and tuberculosis is directly connected with health of newborns, doesn't add optimism and old devices ultrasonography which not always allow to reveal fruit pathology in time. At the same time chief of regional management of health protectionSvetlana HotinaI emphasized that the question of child mortality is under continuous control of management, in the first half of the year of the current year this figure considerably decreased in comparison with a year last.

After events known to all Ukraine is particularly acute a question of inoculations. Bodies of prosecutor's office bring instructions concerning elimination of such violations, as vaccination of the child without preliminary medical examinations or without coordination with parents.

S. HotinaI told that one of the main problems of medicine in the village - personnel. The young specialists learned in higher educational institutions at the expense of the state budget, don't wish to go to work to areas, and the legislative base for attraction them in such cases to responsibility isn't fulfilled.

The prosecutor's office of area takes measures to ensuring health protection of children.Sergey Polishchukseparately I emphasized during board that at implementation of public prosecutor's supervision by the main thing there has to be a health of each child, instead of statistics.

Also the first deputy prosecutor noted that from department of education of the Nikolaev regional state administration enough measures aren't taken for ensuring medical maintenance during stay of pupils in educational institutions.

The analysis of accidents testifies: more than a third them occurs during occupations by physical culture. Thus the order of investigation such случав is sometimes broken - there are no health certificates, indications of witnesses, there is no exact diagnosis, event time, etc. Multiple injuries during physical education classes - often a consequence of an accident condition or in general lack of gyms.

Inadequate financing involves a number of threats to children's health.So, in the absence of school furniture which would answer age of school students, violations of a bearing and scoliosis are diagnosed for 15% of children, the situation with food is unfavourable also. Worst of all affairs with food in Bratsk, Veselinovsky, Domanevsky, Novobugsky areas are. In school cafeterias norms of caloric content of dishes aren't observed, carbohydrates replace to school students and fats, both proteins, and vitamins. The separate problem is represented by transportation of pupils to schools - transport is often operated with violations, rented at not always conscientious owners.

On board it was noted that recently public prosecutor's supervision of observance of the legislation on protection of life and health of children became more active, instructions are in case of need brought and criminal cases are brought. Prosecutor of the regionN. StoyanovI emphasized that this direction needs to pay the increased, constant attention, after all children are budushche the nations, so, and our future which will depend on how we will grow up and we will bring up young generation. "Find time and opportunity personally to visit educational institutions and if it is necessary, rigidly react: you carry out inspections and you bring instructions, in case of need - initiate proceedings. Turn facing children's problems! " - N. Stoyanov focused attention on it being present on board, having noted that the prosecutor of the area has to trace a situation not breakthroughs, from check to check, and постоянко - has to be guided, whether there is at teachers and physicians a mutual understanding with local government, whether enough they actively cooperate with a depuy corps in questions of financing of branch from the local budget, whether is lawful and in interests of children tenders are carried out.


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