Broadcasting Company "Norm" got support нардепа G. Zadirko who connects incident round Broadcasting Company with fight of politicians for media space before elections

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In Nikolaev the staff of management of Security service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area with current legislation violation, without sanction of the prosecutor and at multiple procedural violations executed a search with withdrawal of some documents and subjects in the Nikolaev broadcasting company "Norma". About it, with reference to words of the People's Deputy of UkraineGennadiya Zadirko, reports a press - service of NGO"For democracy and justice".

"Negligent drawing up procedural materials during a search, and also illegal withdrawal of some subjects and documents can testify to lack of intention at the staff of SBUZarzhitskyandGorodnichuka, made these illegal actions to make any real investigation, - I toldGennady Zadirko.- Their main "task" - it is groundless, it is illegal "to run" over provider of telecommunications, defending corporate interests of some foreign subjects of managing which use the communications in SBU".

By wordsGennadiya Zadirko,"in fact, raider capture of the enterprise is carried out".

G. Zadirko
connects the search which has been carried out by intelligence service to broadcasting companies, with a coming nearer election of the president of Ukraine and with fight of politicians for region and country media space as a whole.

"Not only that these actions of staff of SBU caused a significant damage of the company, having stopped relaying of a television signal in a cable network, but, besides, involved Security service in commercial and political dismantlings", - he declared.

The deputy also reported that the TV company was deprived by the rights to defend the position in court, without having given out it to representatives of the resolution on initiation of legal proceedings.

"Having brought criminal case under article 361 of the Criminal code for unauthorized intervention in work elektronno - the computers (computers), the automated systems, computer networks or telecommunication networks, militiamen make of themselves a laughing-stock this cover-up. With the same success they could accuse "Norm" of a money-laundering by means of a photoshop", - the deputy is indignant.

The politician also expressed opinion that the Security service of Ukraine has to deal with problems which really pose threat for the state, instead of to bring criminal cases against mass media, contrary to the resolution of parliament in which to be spoken about inadmissibility of groundless checks of TV channels and providers in connection with approach of elections and possible pressure upon mass media from politicians and administrative resource.

"Having left for a side of powers, the staff of SBU obviously used not that knowledge which received in the educational institutions. It is unlikely there learn to break laws, - I toldG. Zadirko.

The People's Deputy of Ukraine addressed in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and Security service of Ukraine with a request to check legality of actions of staff of the SBU participating in illegal actions on the relation of the Nikolaev operator of a cable network of Broadcasting Company "NORM", and to take measures according to the current legislation.

In the deputy addressG. ZadirkoI asked:

- To charge to the skilled and highly skilled prosecutor of Ukraine to carry out an inspection of the data containing in the address. During the specified check to find out, whether contains the lawful bases to cancel the specified resolution on initiation of legal proceedings.

- In the presence of the bases to take the measures of public prosecutor's reaction directed on restoration of legality and to attract all of perpetrators, irrespective of positions which they hold, to the responsibility provided by the law.

- To take the measures aimed at real providing the guaranteed human right to appeal to court behind protection of the rights, namely to promote receiving by citizens who addressed to me, copies of the specified resolution on initiation of legal proceedings.

"I warn all: judges, prosecutors, the staff of bodies of protection of a law and order and safety, - that I won't allow infringement of a freedom of speech and the rights of journalists, at least in Nikolaev.These are those all-democratic values which, unlike law enforcement and ship agencies, aren't sold out yet up to the end in ours, unfortunately, absolutely democratic for the present" - I declared to the countryGennady Zadirko.

From edition: the majority of subscribers of "Norm" are very revolted that now occurs round the operator of a cable network and blame for all SBU. Such conclusion can be drawn after communication with residents of Nikolaev who use services of this company. They can be understood - to them don't give the chance to watch favourite transmissions to which they got used. In their eyes the cable operator who broadcast such Russian channels as TNT, Wren - TV, ORT …, in all this situation looks the victim. It isn't surprising that the People's Deputy of Ukraine G. Zadirko who quite recently declared the plans to run for the Nikolaev mayor, paid attention to this conflict and started writing deputy inquiries.

He perfectly understands that it is very good chance, without any capital investments and special efforts to win support of huge electorate. It isn't necessary to forget that subscribers of "Norm" are inhabitants of the Ship area and the most part of Leninsky district of the city of Nikolaev.

What efforts it is worth writing deputy inquiry to the Prosecutor General's Office? And but when the situation is stabilized, it will be possible to tell: "It I returned you your favourite TV channels. I have to be a mayor". And people will believe and will vote, after all the one who returned to them darling series You're my life, "the House - 2" and other Russian transfers, will be in their eyes the hero.

In a word,G. Zadirko, on full, I joined in fight for the Nikolaev electorate and whileV. Chaikais in holiday, tries to win favor of nikolayevets.

Option forG. Zadirkothe safe. If to remember history of year prescription then employees UGSBEP became interested in "Norm" in the Nikolaev area in Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On the materials collected by them criminal case was brought, but after a while it came to naught. Probably, so will be and this time. And if isn't present that the candidate in mayors always has an opportunity to tell: "Here you see, only I tried to make something, but it didn't turn out …"


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