Lazarenko sends letters with the USA that he didn't kill the manager Privat

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Pavel Lazarenko declares that the Dnepropetrovsk militia fabricates against him criminal case concerning murder of the businessman Vyacheslav Braginsky.

About it it is spoken in Lazarenko's distributed by his lawyer Marina Dolgopola the statement.

"To me, Lazarenko Pavel Ivanovich, it became known that Gennady Korban with assistance of the Dnepropetrovsk militia actively fabricates business against persons from my immediate environment on purpose "to hang up" on them an episode concerning Braginsky's death", - is spoken in the statement.

"I declare that this fraud at it won't take place though that he didn't try to make, enjoying support of local militia. Under any circumstances, sooner or later the korbanovsky power in Dnepropetrovsk will end and the new power which will be guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws" will come, - Lazarenko emphasizes.

He also emphasizes that neither he personally, nor his relatives and the closest friends "have no relation to this crime".

"That occurred in Dnepropetrovsk on October 14 of this year and led of all to death of the person, is Korban's provocation", - Lazarenko declared.

It is known that Lazarenko serves sentence in the USA.

On Wednesday Koban declared that the consequence has to consider the version about Lazarenko's participation in Braginsky's murder.

Also Korban reported that he knew recently that on October 2, 2009, approximately at 19:00 in an office to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko the brother Lazarenko Ivan, the mother-in-law Lazarenko Tatyana Tsikova and the lawyer Yulia Sibida were invited.

"It is interesting that our prime minister I accorded very heartiest welcome to these citizens, it started giving any commands, having listened to their requests, it started reacting at the request of the long ago lost transatlantic friend or the partner, and this situation really disturbed us", - the businessman told.


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