Nikolaev "regionals" don't want to understand a situation on "the Delta the Pilot" while them won't ask officially?

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Yesterday, on October 18, meeting by the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Primary trade-union organization took place. The place for carrying out this action was chosen, at first sight, very strange - a banquet room of Domovoy restaurant. But later, it became clear why this action was organized in the enterprise territory. Business all that Primary trade-union the organization GP "The Delta — the Pilot" is at war with the management of the enterprise and, during this action, gathered stated the negative attitude to those who operates at present "ship" under the name "Delta Pilot".

About 70 representatives of labor collective gathered in Domovoy restaurant from the southern areas of Ukraine. It was right at the beginning noted that it is only small part of those who wanted to arrive - the others are on watch on the workplaces.

In presidium of this action it was possible to observe the chairman the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Primary trade-union organization of Vladislav Pivovarov and, why - that, the President of association of pilots of Ukraine and ex-the director Victor Bezdolny who set the tone for the events.

He thanked all who could arrive on action.

"I, right after the dismissal, outlined to the present director of the enterprise A. Golodnitsky those tasks which faced the enterprise and those directions in which it is necessary to move. I emphasized that it not the commercial enterprise, and the enterprise which is engaged in safety of navigation. I emphasized that the enterprise had to leave from commercial activity. It is necessary that those works which don't depend on the sphere of provided services, carried out other enterprises including the Danube — the Black Sea project. But the enterprise, under the leadership of A. Golodnitsky, moved by inertia", - V. Bezdolny declared.

Victor Bezdolny noted that the enterprise needs to pay more attention to safety of navigation, after all it is the main objective "the Delta the Pilot".According to him, the present management of the enterprise "blows" about reduction of state of emergency in comparison with the previous period, but actually it not a work indicator, and it is simple фарт.

The former director of the enterprise and on fleet "the Delta the Pilot" stopped.

"We built pilot fleet at the Ukrainian enterprises earlier, for example, on "Ocean" the pilot boat for 0,4 million US dollars was constructed, and at the end of 2008 the enterprise got the boat at the foreign company for 1,4 million euros. Thus, the boat constructed on "Ocean" is one many more powerful acquired abroad. All of us know that behind it stands", - V. Bezdolny declared.

V. Bezdolny and paid attention to social problems. He claims that the management of the enterprise scoffs at people - illegally dismisses people, doesn't pay the put surcharges, etc.

According to the ex-the head "the Delta the Pilot" the former Minister of Transport and communications "covered" all acts of the present management of the enterprise.

"That minister who covered acts on Danube, in the same way covered also that occurred at the enterprise. He had to receive awards together with the head? Yes there are no problems, receive awards, but business shouldn't suffer", - V. Bezdolny was indignant.

Expressed that became painful also many of the being present. In the performances they were unanimous and accused the enterprise management that conditions of the collective agreement aren't met. According to acting, lawful "sick-lists" aren't paid to them, in their address continuous threats sound … Natalya Boboyeva who is registered at present at a position of the adviser to the director of the enterprise, declared that the labor collective has no opportunity to protect the rights as law enforcement agencies are bought by administration.

On this action were present also a number of deputies of different levels from BYuT and Party of Regions.

To the first gave the floor to the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov.

It should be noted that Nikolay Petrovich in spite of the fact that on the street it was drizzling, I came to action on foot and, until while it wasn't given the floor, quietly I sat and everything carefully summarized.

"I act isn't engaged absolutely not. I when still I was the governor of the Nikolaev area" created this enterprise, - there began the performance N. Kruglov.

It reminded being present that some time worked as the Minister of Transport of Ukraine and was the only person heading this department who had a vocational education. Nikolay Kruglov finished the Odessa morekhodka.

"Sea specifics for me are familiar. I long didn't work in Ministry of Transport because there it was necessary either to steal with all or to leave. I am a person not from the street", - N. Kruglov declared.

The leader of Nikolaev "regionals" noted that remembers work of both heads.

"If to speak about Bezdolny, he is an expert in sea conductings, but that he is an expert in the field of finance - it is impossible to speak. To the contrary, the Golodnitsky expert in the field of finance, but from the point of view of safety of navigation, he as the expert, - any", - the People's Deputy noted.

Nikolay Kruglov brought and some data on a financial condition of the enterprise - indicators arrived also payments of taxes.

"These data allow to draw a conclusion that financial difficulties at the enterprise aren't present, an average salary on "The delta - the pilot" - more than 8 thousand UAH. The main problem means is the attitude towards employees at the level "the-the stranger". You work in dollars, you get paid in hryvnia, ship collecting on your channel was increased for 58%, the profit grew. But if you so want to refuse commercial activity, all of you in that case need to be put for the state salary which won't depend on enterprise profit. You really want it? Certainly, it is necessary to understand a situation. It is necessary to create the commission which will consider activity of administration of the enterprise", - the People's Deputy declared.

Nikolay Kruglov noted that the enterprise started "being in a fever" while it undertook implementation of the Danube — the Black Sea project.

"Let's be honest up to the end. In this project the enterprise was involved by V. Bezdolny. Let speak frankly: it was interesting - to be played by someone else's money. Especially over the last 5 years in the state learned sits down on cash flows. I traced a situation. And we perfectly understand from where money "were scooped". Therefore also political forces, alternately coming, tried to put on this commercial activity of the people", - N. Kruglov


As for questions which were sounded present, Nikolay Kruglov considers that they could be solved labor union forces and if it is impossible, to ask for the help deputies.

"Neither to me, nor to deputies from Party of Regions, both regional, and city the councils, any address wasn't. All that was it is told, it is necessary to check", - N. Kruglov declared.

According to N. Kruglov to create the commission of regional or city council - not a problem. "We have 50% of voices in city council and about 50% in regional, but it is necessary to raise correctly a question", - the People's Deputy emphasized.

According to him the Party of Regions is ready to deal with these problems but only when there will be an address to the address of "regionals".

N. Kruglov reminded that criminal case concerning officials of GP "Delta Pilot" still isn't closed.

"It is necessary to put the end still. Whether to define mister Bezdolny is guilty or not. At us everything depends on a political situation in the country. At us in the country, criminal cases open, are closed. It is a method of influence on directors", - N. Kruglov is sure.

It doesn't exclude that, as concerning the present director, in case of change political a situation, criminal case will be brought.

The People's Deputy even assumed on what fact.

"You take any made purchase. It is enough to take materials on the boat bought abroad - here to you and criminal case. It not a problem - would be the person", - with a smile the leader of Nikolaev "regionals" noted.

Nikolay Kruglov considers that the situation at the enterprise to be solved, but the main thing that fools - politicians" didn't come to solve problems of the enterprise ".

Also, at meeting deputies of the Nikolaev regional and city councils acted and sounded the position.

In particular, the head of BYuT fraction in Nikolaevsk V. Butko's regional council told about an initiative Byutovtsev during the last session of a regional council.

About an initiative Byutovtsev it is possible to read here.

The deputy of the Nikolaev city council from BYuT Vadim Merikov noted that the fraction already prepared addresses to the Prime minister and the President and is ready to direct them already today.

- We see how the enterprise is in a fever, - Vadim Ivanovich reported. - Today 5% of staff came - someone couldn't, someone is afraid of consequences. And to us all the same that wanted by Bezdolny or Golodnitsky. It is necessary to check activity of administration both at the present head, and at the previous.That today there is a discontent and mistrust of collective to the management means that tomorrow can appear and other consequences. Those methods which are applied by the present management - are unacceptable, there is a Law "About Work". This enterprise estimate not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its limits. Therefore the commission has to understand why there were dismissals. We don't intend to consider the administration decision one-sidedly. Will be evaluation of the work of both heads is carried out.

It should be noted that the present management of the enterprise wasn't present at this meeting. It is hardly believed that they knew nothing of it. It was noticed also by Vadim Merikov. In his opinion it isn't correct.

"The management had to be present today at this meeting and give answers to questions of its collective", - V. Merikov declared.

Deputies from BYuT are sure that the Special commission of inquiry will be created in a week and they are ready to take part in work the enterprise "wasn't in a fever".

Also Vadim Merikov reported that the People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk wrote the address addressed to the head of SBU V. Nalivaychenko with a request to check possible corruption communications of the management of the enterprise, including with law enforcement agencies.

As a result, gathered accepted the address to the country leaders concerning a situation at the enterprise.

As for V. Bezdolny, he doesn't give up hopes to return to a position of the director of GP "Delta Pilot" what he declared to our correspondent.


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