Martynyuk suggests to enter "political castration"

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The People's Deputy from Communist party of Ukraine Adam MARTYNYUK supports "political castration".

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he declared it at parliament meeting.

According to A.MARTYNYuKA, the essence such "political castration" consists in that party in the ranks of which there are criminals, to deprive of the right to take part in elections in BP and local councils.

"If the political party has in the ranks of such villains what are in our sessional hall, this party needs to be "castrated" years on 5-10 in electoral rights that it had no right to sit neither at parliament, nor at local authorities", - he told.

A.Martynyuk also asked: "That else has to occur in our kingdom - the state that we, at last, realized, it is impossible what further so to live? ".

According to him, if People's Deputies really took part in rape, they have to incur a capital punishment, "which else isn't present, - mortal".

At the same time A.MARTYNYuK emphasized that the Verkhovna Rada has to protect itself if it is proved that scandal with depravity of children in which People's Deputies are allegedly involved, is "the next special operation". "Those who started this operation have to be pilloried, her organizers and inspirers", - he noted.

A.MARTYNYuK emphasized that all conversations on need of cancellation of immunity of deputies "from crafty". He added that inviolability has no relation to rape. "If there is no inviolability so, they won't force? ", - I asked A.MARTYNYuK.

It expressed concern about that case of depravity of children "didn't go to sand, as well as some other resonant affairs".


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