Ex-the chief of regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs A. Naumenko was mistaken – бизесмена - the violator Goroyan won't turn out from the country

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As the head of department of nationality and registration of natural persons in the Nikolaev areareported today at a briefingVladimir Ivanov, past week the last process in the Odessa appellate court concerning recognition invalid nationality of the known Nikolaev businessmantook placeRaphael Goroyan.

The court recognized lawful resolutions of Lenin court and the decision of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area andI nullified Goroyan's nationality.

- But nowGoroyantakes measures to legalize the stay - it has the right to receiveto territories of Ukraineresidence permit, - I reportedVladimir Ivanov.

We will remind that to obtain nationality of Ukraine,Raphael VaagnovichI attracted false witnesses. Besides,Raphael GoroyanI had the counterfeit military ID and allegedly I passed military service in Ukraine. But actually the businessman didn't serve in the Ukrainian army.

In April of this yearVladimir IvanovI reported that Goroyan never any more won't obtain the Ukrainian nationality.

- Now it actuallyapatride- the person without nationality, - I reported thenVladimir Ivanov. - And according to the current legislation, the person who once has obtained nationality fraudulently, won't be able to obtain the Ukrainian nationality any more. If, of course, the Constitutional Court doesn't give any other explanations to the legislation. Goroyan's passport not valid, but won't turn out the businessman from the country as it has three children born in the territory of Ukraine.

We will remind that the ex-the chief of the Nikolaev regional militiaAnatoly Naumenkovery much I watched closely criminal cases in which appearedGoroyan, and before the translation inDnepropetrovskI expressed opinion thatGoroyanin Ukraine won't be late.

- I am sure that this citizen will be put on a place and eventually is turned out out of borders of Ukraine.Raphael Goroyanit will be punished - to nobody the right to break the law is granted, - emphasizedA. Naumenko.

Nevertheless, the businessman, probably, remains in Ukraine and in Nikolaev still for a long time.


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