Illegal immigrants come to Nikolaev by NKI invitation, but don't want to study

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According to OVIR which were sounded today at a briefing by the head of department of nationality and registration of natural persons in the Nikolaev areaVladimir Ivanov, since the beginning of this year in the Nikolaev area 336 illegal migrants were revealed. For rough violation of the rules of stay of foreigners in Ukraine concerning 332 foreigners the decision on their exclusion from the state territory was made.

- If earlier we paid special attention to the markets and mints of spontaneous trade, now illegal migrants hide the stay more carefully, - toldVladimir Ivanov. - Today the labor of illegal migrants on building sites is more often used and in resort zones to the summer period - come to work from Moldova and the Caucasus.

One more example as to Ukraine and to Nikolaev illegal migrants arrive are higher educational institutions. The higher education institution sends the invitation to training, the foreigner crosses border, but to study doesn't go, and starts looking for means of livelihood in Nikolaev.

- Nikolaev long was the city closed for foreigners therefore they still here didn't tread a path. But now on training in the Nikolaev area there are about 160 students - foreigners, generally invitations are issued by NUK of Adm. Makarova, - I notedVladimir Ivanov.

- The organized illegal migration to Nikolayevshchina isn't present, - the chief boundary quickly - search office "Nikolaev"reportedVitaly Bukhan. - There are isolated cases of illegal crossing of border citizens of Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, Butane, Angola and so forth - often African countries. All of them are detained and returned home. For some citizens our service carries out selective control - demands to show existence of means of livelihood visually. Such citizen has to have means - a living wage in a twentyfold size.

As for return of the illegal migrants caught in the territory of Ukraine - that in Ukraine the Contract on a readmission between the European Union countries and Ukraine was ratified.

- According to this contract to Ukraine illegal migrants will be returned, and also to return the home citizens who got illegally on EU territory through Ukraine to that there has to be a documentary confirmation - the travel document or other, - told the deputy head of department of nationality and registration of natural persons in the Nikolaev area, the militia lieutenant colonelIrina Kostyukova. - For it EU simplifies a visa regime for citizens of Ukraine and provides material resources for the maintenance of illegal immigrants and their direction on their homeland.

Now in Ukraine there are two points of the temporary maintenance of illegal immigrants in Chernigov and on Volhynia, but also is planned seven more. First of all there is a need for such points for Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk.

- The soft visa regime, the mechanism of the temporary maintenance of these citizens in Nikolaev, lack of funds for deportation of illegal immigrants, low control of natural and legal entities who are engaged in paperwork for illegal immigrants, frequent change of a residence are main problems in control questions over illegal migrants in Nikolayevshchina, - the head of department of fight against human trafficking in the Nikolaev area, the militia lieutenant colonelreportedIgor Bloshko.


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