Lutsenko declared that lawyers extort from deputies of BYuT 2 million dollars

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declares blackmail of the deputy of BYuT in "Artek" and the requirement the lawyer of the victim of 2 million dollars.

This Lutsenko declared in parliament, during hearings in the matter of depravity of children.

Lutsenko reported to deputies about a course of investigative actions, and also that the last investigative experiment in the Kiev apartment didn't confirm correctness of the child who didn't learn the room.

According to the minister, the carried-out investigative actions allow to draw three conclusions:

"Rape was made by the father; rape was made by the father and other males; about possible creation of artificial proofs for blackmail and receiving material remuneration", - the minister declared.

"For the last some days the militia with full compliance with a PDA recorded the fact of the requirement of 2 million dollars by lawyers of the victim at the People's Deputy from the BYuT block", - Lutsenko declared.

"I consider that it testifies to cynical use of trouble of children in games of politics those who wants to receive the next cap, in this case Monomakh's cap", - the minister told.

Later, answering other question, the minister specified:

"We for 2 days - the day before yesterday and last night - recorded dissatisfied party contact which is recorded on audio and video, with exact observance Criminally - the procedural code where 2 million dollars demand in order that children ceased to recognize People's Deputies. This fact also is, and I consider that it has to be known to society that politicians" ceased to make comments on this business.


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