Bomzhikh stole from the cohabitant of the one-year-old child and I arrived to beg to Nikolaev

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On October 15 at the railway station in Odessa in linear police station I addressed 39 - summer Mikhail, the citizen without permanent residence and a work place. He reported that about 15 hours ago at himstole the child.And Mikhail even knew who …

As it became clear, the man, the Moldavian by origin, got acquainted at the station in 24 - summer Yana, the same citizen without a certain residence in the summer. They togetherbegged, attracting to it his one-year-old child, the chief of sector of criminal militia for children of Linear department of the Odessa railroadreportsMaya Ivanitskaya.

By sight to the kid was months 9, though according to the certificate - 1 year and three months. The child in Krivoi Rog was born, Mikhail could confirm that it is his son. The man lived together with the new acquaintance since August 20. As Yana tells, they with the father of the kid often drank together, andMikhail could raise a hand against the son. Then the cohabitant decided to steal the child and to leave with him "for earnings" to Dnepropetrovsk. The woman decided to turn this business not for the first time -it already left three years in imprisonment places for theft of the two-year-old girl,which stole from the acquaintance for the same purposes. Probably, time spent behind bars, changed nothing.

KidnepingYana planned carefully - prepared a kidswear, went to the track to thumb a lift, having thrown out a carriage in which there was a child and having changed clothes of the kid. The woman reached Nikolaev on passingKAMAZ. On arrival I fed the child with overdue food which else can be found in the spontaneous markets of the city. The woman wiped the soiled diaper and dressed on the child again.

Reconnoitering places, the thief got acquainted in the trolleybus alreadywith the Nikolaev young bum. It is officially registered in Ternovsky "bomzhatnik" and judged for theft. The couple determined for itself by the place of residence the region of the Dry fountain. They put "houses" about themselves the child, celebrated a meeting vodka and right there fastened the union with intim.

By the way, by results of survey after detention, according to preliminary data, the woman is seriously sick with a venereal disease.

At this time in all police stations orientation on young to the bomzhikh with characteristic appearance already arrived. Therefore when Yana with the child and the new acquaintance about nine o'clock in the evening was on trade on the platform of the Nikolaev station then it was detained by employees patrulno - sentry duty, it is transferred it is investigative - to task force and the staff of criminal militia for children of Linear department of the Odessa railroad for further trial. Didn't help that Yana got rid of a carriage and I changed clothes of the child, that it was not one.

The child placed in children's hospital on Ryumin St., doctors examined the kid and defined his state, as satisfactory. Nevertheless, exhaustion of the boy was available. It is surprising that at the child whom fed with actually spoiled waste and contained in insanitary conditions, it wasn't found serious diseases.

Today from Odessa arrived the deputy chief of search and the chief of criminal militia for children and took away the kid.The boy is placed in hospital on treatment, and from there probably will be transferred to a shelter.

Upon theft of the child in the relation бомжихи Yana criminal case according to Art. 146, is brought h. 2 "Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping" - "Illegal imprisonment or the kidnapping, made rather juvenile or from mercenary motives, concerning two or more persons or on preliminary arrangement by a group of persons, or way, life-threatening or health of the victim, or such which was accompanied by causing to it physical sufferings, or with a use of weapons, or carried out throughout a long time, - are punished by freedom restriction for up to five years or imprisonment for the same term".

As reportsMaya Ivanitskaya,such crime committed repeatedly - a big rarity. Nevertheless, probably, even after second "trip" for this crime the woman won't refuse the trade.

It is probable as militiamen report, the trace will bring criminal case and against the careless father of the kid - for involvement of the child to begging.

(All names are changed)


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