In Donetsk the criminal, scorching a cable on a waste heap

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In Donetsk militiamen detained 20 - the summer earlier judged man who stole telephone cables in more than 35 houses.

About it reported in a press - service of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

According to the message, the militia detained the malefactor, for two months depriving stationary telecommunication of inhabitants of various streets of the Proletarian and Budennovsky districts of Donetsk which cut out hundreds meters of wires.

As the chief of local police inspectors of Proletarian regional department of the Donetsk gorupravleniye of internal affairs Evgeny Romanov told, for fight against sharply become frequent cases of plunders kabelno - conduction production even the special joint group which part police officers and "Ukrtelecom" were was created. According to him, when the signal of break of the telephone line once again arrived, participants of this group quickly arrived to a place and caught the criminal red-handed directly in a cellar where it just cut out about 40 meters of a cable.

That it not its only "sortie", the young man didn't begin to deny. By its recognition, it came for such trade on the average once in two - three days, always in the dead of night, is closer to morning. I burned the cut-out wires on a waste heap where built to itself special adaptations in the form of the tense cable and "bobinnik". I handed over the copper extracted thus in points of reception of color scrap.

The detainee who has finished in due time only 4 classes of high school, was already twice judged for robbery and drugs. In the spring of this year it was released from places of serving of punishment and lodged in a cellar of one of high-rise buildings.

According to E. Romanov, today in Proletarian and Budyonnovsk the districts of Donetsk more than 35 houses from which basements this man stole various pieces on the metric area of a telephone cable are established. Total amount of the damage caused by its acts, is established.


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