Yushchenko: In the power - pedophiles, and with them will be, as with Lozinsky

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The president Victor Yushchenko criticizes the State Office of Public Prosecutor for inefficient investigation "affairs of pedophiles" and urges to punish criminals.

He told about it at a forum "With love and heat to children", addressing to the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko who also sat in presidium.

"Remember that scandal which happens today in the Ukrainian society when at the highest steps of the power at us, excuse, pedophiles, people who do enormous harm of our morals... But, unfortunately, they today with the mandate", - Yushchenko told.

"Also I think, they are waited by Lozinsky's destiny. The same political cover, and in some weeks we will look for them through the Interpol, Alexander Ivanovich", - he added, addressing to Medvedko.

At the same time, according to the president, now, "when society demands effective investigation", "effective, clear and accurate actions from the State Office of Public Prosecutor" aren't present.

"Because we look at this People's Deputy - on one, the second, the third, - as on the inhabitant of heaven. The sanction on its accountability should ask from the Lord, instead of to be guided by the national legislation", - he was indignant.

"Here also we play game which, Alexander Ivanovich, will end as game with Lozinsky whom let out which was covered by political force. Now a series number two - with pedophiles", - Yushchenko added.

Addressing once again to Medvedko, Yushchenko declared:

"I want, Alexander Ivanovich that your reaction was instant that on your actions the Ukrainian society saw that we have an effective State Office of Public Prosecutor which can make at once these people for a shkirka responsible".


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