Yushchenko's both chambers нардепы thrust into one place. As well as all its "constitution"

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The Verkhovna Rada refused to send to the Constitutional Court the bill of the President Victor Yushchenko 4290 "About modification of the Constitution" which provides creation of a two-chamber parliament.

48 deputies voted for inclusion in the agenda and the direction of the specified bill on an assessment of KS at 226 minimum necessary.

In particular, the specified bill provided renaming of Rada into National Assembly which had to consist of 2 chambers - the Chamber of Deputies and the senate.

It was offered to establish the total number of the Chamber of Deputies in 300 people who are elected for a period of 4 years.

It was supposed that the general part of the senate will be on 3 senators who are elected for 6 years in the Crimea, each area, Kiev, and also in communities which on the status are equated to area. Also it was offered to include in senate structure the former Presidents, except what were ousted by impeachment procedure.

According to the bill, the Chamber of Deputies could be dismissed by the President.

Besides the bill provided restriction of parliamentary immunity.

In particular, it was offered to fix in the Constitution that the deputy of parliament without consent of the Chamber of Deputies, senator without consent of the senate can't be detained or arrested, but criminal prosecution is carried out in the general order, and conviction coming into effect against it conducts to the early termination of powers.

It was in addition offered to establish that the President can cancel government acts concerning foreign policy activity, defense and safety of the country after consultations with the prime minister after consultations with the prime minister - the minister the Bill also provided the right to the President to appoint and dismiss the chairman of Security service of Ukraine in coordination with parliament.

Deputies refused to send back the bill to the President for revision - the relevant proposal was supported by 198 deputies.

Thus the bill is rejected.


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