The lawyer of victims to sex - scandal didn't come to interrogation

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The lawyer of victims in sex - scandal Valery Konovalov wasn't on GUBOP interrogation from - for suspicions of detention.

"When I already approached (to GUBOP), one companion explained to me that there is a command for detention", - Konovalov declared to journalists on Thursday, reports the UNIAN.

The lawyer quoted words of the person to which talked: "I give you 100% of a guarantee that there is an instruction from the management that it is necessary to detain you".

Konovalov explained, referring again to the informant, "such actions are necessary in order that I wasn't allowed to mass media that I couldn't give any interviews and if I and give evidences in criminal case (about depravity), anybody about it the nobility won't be".

"Thus, I made the decision meanwhile to refrain from such interrogations", - the lawyer declared.

He noted that if the Minister of Internal Affairs from a tribune of BP declared that quickly - technical means allegedly recorded the requirement fact, and all standards of the Criminal Procedure Code are thus observed, "that it is logical to initiate then on standards of the code proceedings (against the persons, demanding money), to show the resolution on its excitement, the resolution on detention".

According to Konovalov, having analysed received information, he "just in case concluded the agreement with the independent lawyer Oleg Povalyaev" for the protection.

The lawyer told that he received information on need to be on Thursday on 14.00 on interrogation by phone from the person who was introduced by the head of department of analytical work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs GUBOP anti-corruption bureau.

According to Konovalov, that before talking to the lawyer, contacted his wife from whom learned that the man on Wednesday was in official journey in the Chernigov area.

Answering a question, whether absence in GUBOP will have for it any consequences, Konovalov told: "I know precisely on such interrogations I in general I can not go. Today no consequences are present".

Thus he emphasized that proceeding from the experience, "if the investigator called by phone, it would mean that criminal case" is already brought.

It is known that on October 20 the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko accused the lawyer of mother of injured children that he allegedly demanded a bribe from the People's Deputy from BYuT Ruslan Bogdan.

In turn, the lawyer of the victim Andrey Tsigankov refuted this statement. One more lawyer of mother of injured children, Konovalov declared the unprecedented pressure upon it from bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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