The statement of mother of children was gone in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, injured by pedophiles?

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The People's Deputy Grigory Omelchenko claims that in the State Office of Public Prosecutor the statement of mother of two children, injured by pedophiles is lost transferred to them addressed to the Public prosecutor of Ukraine.

It in the comment to "Regional committee" declared g - Omelchenko's N.

"Ask the Public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko: how the statement of mother of September 22 which I sent it under a signature stamp "Personally" was gone in the State Office of Public Prosecutor? In this statement mother for the first time specified a surname of the People's Deputy who together with the staff of "Artek" and her husband repeatedly forced children. And so, now this statement was gone in the Prosecutor General's Office. I was yesterday in GPU, and there were surprised that this statement isn't present, and there is only a reference on criminal case which I together with the statement of mother sent them. But I to them pointed a finger: read, I speak, in the reference where the same is specified, as in the statement. Why you didn't provide this information - even if where - that disappeared the statement of mother which I sent on September 22? ", - the People's Deputy told.

The g - Omelchenko's N also declared that it the reasons of unwillingness of the Public prosecutor of Ukraine to take in production of GPU criminal case about pedophilia acts concerning injured children interest.

"And you think why it is so rested the General prosecutor Alexander Medvedko doesn't want to take in production of GPU this criminal case though in a situation which now arose, it is its direct duty according to the law? After all, it agrees Criminally - the procedural code, the General prosecutor has the right to withdraw any criminal case which is in production of the investigator and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, both SBU, and tax police, - in the production and to make objective investigation. Moreover, mother as the participant of criminal trial on this case addressed with the statement - to bring criminal case against the Minister of Internal Affairs Lutsenko in connection with disclosure of secret of adoption of children. And the second: how the investigators subordinated to the minister against whom mother wrote the application for initiation of legal proceedings can investigate this case? That is objectively business has to be withdrawn from production of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is transferred to the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

And the last in this plan:despite instructions of the President to take the State Office of Public Prosecutor production of this business and to make objective investigation, the Public prosecutor Medvedko of it doesn't do.

I don't speak about the deputy addresses to him where I address also as the former investigator. There exclusively legal justifications for GPU are stated to take away criminal case in the production", - told g - Omelchenko's N.


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