Sex - scandal: mother asks Yushchenko to replace protection from Lutsenko

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Mother of victims of violence of children asks to ensure her safety forces which aren't subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

About it it is spoken in Elena Polyukhovich's address to the president Victor Yushchenko.

Mother states fears for life and health of, children and close people.

Besides, she considers insufficient protection by forces of structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from - for pressure upon it and lawyers from the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

Thus Polyukhovich notes that Lutsenko "in the activity actually acts in interests of persons which are identified as forcing my children".

Mother asks the president about an initiative on ensuring its safety with forces of the division not subordinated to structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In particular, the woman is careful that present protection can stop according to the corresponding order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at any time that can become the basis of its destruction and children.

Polyukhovich asks the president about personal control by consideration by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of her statement for Lutsenko's involvement to criminal liability for disclosure of secret of adoption.

Also mother asks Yushchenko about personal intervention for transfer of business on corruption to the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

By words Polyukhovich, it has all bases to consider that there is a real threat of life and to health of her ex-husband.

Mother is afraid that "it can be used for the purpose of prevention of the termination of a pretrial investigation and the business direction in court".

"And for the purpose of prevention of an identification the last persons involved on business, providing truthful indications on rape of my child by deputies Ukolov, Terekhin and Bogdan", - are added by her.

Polyukhovich stated readiness according to the first requirement of the president or responsible persons of his office to arrive for the purpose of providing additional certificates and for confirmation of the facts specified by it.


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