Onboard the Dnepropetrovsk plane Kirkorov swore at passengers and fought about a top - management of the large enterprise

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According to the acting as the deputy director for marketing and sales of JSC Solikamsk Magnesian Plant Ekaterina Rakitina, on October 18 in Moscow aboard "Moscow-Dnepropetrovsk", the known Russian singer Philip Kirkorov swore at passengers and struck blows to one of the staff of plant. According to the passengers, the similar behavior was caused by indignation that decided to remove their baggage from a board of the plane and to load baggage of the singer.

Ekaterina Rakitina declared it on October 23 on a press - conferences in NOVY Bridge news agency.

"on October 18 this year we as a part of group of specialists of the enterprise in number of 23 people made air flight by flight 14 on a route Moscow (airport) - Dnepropetrovsk. After landing in the plane and baggage loadings the commander of the ship declared, that in Dnepropetrovsk adverse meteoconditions, and the plane is overloaded and that the decision to remove part of baggage of passengers from a board of the plane and this baggage is made plan to send evening flight to the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Our baggage began to unload from the plane and at the same time began to load large-size freight. Passengers began to be indignant as this circumstance violated the right of passengers for baggage transportation. On our indignation from 1-го plane salon the unknown person made the demand to stop indignation. We became silent. After we understood that the crew isn't going to undertake anything, passengers continued indignation. On what from 1-го salon of the plane Philip Kirkorov jumped out. To all passengers curses with use of an offensive language fell down, then it ran up to the passenger who was indignant most loudly (to them there was our employee) and struck it 2 blows. After that Kirkorov was pushed aside by his security guard and the last began to strike blows to one of our employees.To the next passenger who tried to help the victim, strong blows" also were struck, - Ekaterina Rakitina told.

Then, according to Ekaterina Rakitina, passengers invited in salon of the plane of the commander of the ship and that, referring to that in case of the appeal to law enforcement agencies, a vessel can detain, promised to passengers to cause militia in a place of arrival of the plane to Dnepropetrovsk. On arrival to Dnepropetrovsk victims gave evidences in law enforcement agencies.

"This action on procedure can be qualified as criminal act as here are included either a beating, or deliberate infliction of harm to health. In difference from the Ukrainian legislation, the Russian Criminal Code provides responsibility for drawing a beating. Anyway, documents will be collected and transferred to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine for transfer to appropriate authorities on territories of the Russian Federation", - the director of law firm of FTL Assistance Lina Novikova told.


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