In Donetsk region the client killed to death the pregnant cashier of bookmaker office

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Clients of the bookmaker office located in Artemovsk, were puzzled: already twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and a point also didn't open. Many knew two girls working here - employees therefore to one of them called on the mobile.

That, being surprised with not less men, I came to work and I opened a key a door. Her workmate sat in an unnatural pose directly at a threshold, the person 26 - the summer girl and a wall of the room were splashed with blood …

- At once put forward some versions, but one of them was the main - murder is made from mercenary motives, - the chief of sector of criminal investigation department of Artemovsky city department of militia Dmitry Nosov reported. - Certainly, first of all began to check the regular customers coming here to stake. So, for the second day a certain Afanasyev (the surname is changed) came into the view, but at once we couldn't find any disagreements in his indications and continued work with other people. In a week again returned to Afanasyev and this time we already had serious suspicions in the relation him. However by this time the person involved went to Kiev where there lived his parents. Detectives together with colleagues left regional management of search to the capital and detained Afanasyev at a house entrance where that lived at the acquaintance. At implementation of this operation it was necessary to entice the man from the apartment cunning, our employee called it and reported that as a result of the carried-out action he won two permits to the Crimea and asked it to take away quickly them as departure terms already approach. The suspect "pecked" on a bait.

In the beginning 30 - summer Afanasyev denied participation in murder commission, said that when came to bookmaker office in the evening, the girl whom he well knew, was dead, and that, having used a situation, he took away from cash desk money - over two thousand hryvnias and the mobile phone killed. However through time under pressure of incontestable proofs he wrote surrender.

The former officer, komissovanny of army on disability, worked as the croupier in one of a city casino.Game which, as a rule, brings not only pleasure, but also troubles especially as the last had wife and two little daughters was his meaning of the life. When with affairs, to be exact, with debts became absolutely unbearable, quite intelligent man decided on a brutal act. That evening it went to bookmaker office where was the frequenter, to kill, in a plastic bag bore for these purposes a hammer. Was in nobody, the employee left in a hall to replace information at the stand and when went back to itself, the malefactor, having extended the tool, moved afterwards. The first powerful blow had to the victim on the head and when it fell, less than 40 blows fell upon her body yet! That day of the likhody I killed not only the woman, and and other life which has arisen in it which as it appeared, it isn't fated to be issued.

For today the being soldier is arrested, his case will be considered by Donetsk Appellate court.


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