The militia alarmed the center of Kiev, from - for a call of "miner"

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From "Tangerine" evacuated people

Monday afternoon the militia alarmed the center of Kiev. To shopping center "Plaz's Tangerine" there arrived militiamen with dogs, and from shops where many politicians and show stars - business do shopping, evacuated employees and buyers. People an hour and a half went round "Tangerine", expecting while them will let in back. "At 13.50 in militia the unknown called and reported that the mall is mined. Employees left into place, carried out the corresponding works, but any explosive devices didn't find. Now militiamen search for "miner", establish a probable place, from where he could call", - the head of TsOS Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kiev Vladimir Polishchuk told.

Responsibility for a false call depends on its consequences. "If, for example, in a panic there was a crush, people suffered, the court can award calling imprisonment. If isn't present, this restriction of freedom and a penalty. In particular, it is necessary to pay departure to the place of all services and their work, and these are about 10 thousand dollars", - Polishchuk told "Today".

As a rule, young people to whom hunting to be indulged, but sometimes there are also funny things call and report about a mine. So, the other day the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Cherkassk area detained the colleague who reported about "mining" of appellate court of area. The militiaman says that decided to check professionalism of the colleagues.


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