"Salem" kaput! ?

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Without giving to descent to "Boots", militiamen seriously undertook and "Salem". Today such "eminent persons", as the deputy of Railway regional council of Simferopol Alexey Isayev, the deputy of Saksky regional council Taimuraz Tatarishvili and known seylemovets Alexey by M - Kean, it Lesh Besheny are already arrested. Whether still will be...

"Salem" kaput!

Not so long ago the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs promised until the end of this year to detain at least fifty more bandits. After Ruvim Aronov's arrest militiamen intend to put four more "boots" and that it wasn't offensive for "Salem", it too now expose according to the full program: 24 members of this organized criminal group already received from 12 to 15 years of prison. So, for example, in March the deputy of Saksky regional council Taimuraz Tatarishvili who "Salem" was the active participant of an organized criminal group was arrested. Still at the beginning of 90-x he was sentenced for extortion and assaults to 8 years of imprisonment.

However in 1993 I ran away from - under guards and I replaced a surname on Tatashvili. In 2006 Taimuraz was condemned conditionally for extortion and a capture of hostages. As reported the Center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Crimea, by Gagarinsky court of the city of Sevastopol of Tatarishvili it was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment with a delay for 3 years that in 2003, being the deputy of Saksky regional council, together with the son I was engaged in extortion, and I evaded from punishment serving on a court sentence even earlier. That is interesting, now the detainee is in the same colony, from where made escape at the beginning of 90-x.

After Tatarishvili the deputy of Railway regional council of Simferopol Alexey Isayev, by nickname Stierlitz was arrested. Concerning it criminal case for illegal storage of firearms was brought. A few years ago it was brought to trial for murder of two people in the heat of passion. Though militiamen believe that murder was deliberate.

Also in March of this year "seylemovets" Alexey by M - Kean, it Lesh Besheny was arrested.However, it is so far as his above-mentioned "brother-soldiers", it didn't go - in deputies it wasn't beaten out, I didn't become the businessman. Drugs became fault to everything.

It Mad

In recent years M - Kean consisted at one deputy of the Crimean parliament whom in the people call "the last seylemovets". For a dose I executed all orders of the last, including "заказухи". By the way, according to some information, problems with drugs are available and for the deputy. Say that not so long ago "the last seylemovets" had a heroin overdose owing to what he was compelled to be treated abroad.

Though health - business personal... Even legendary Havich in due time, knowing about narcotic addictions of M - kina, I told that on such person the cross doesn't need to be put - say, it is useful to "Salem". After that the inadequate addict used as gun meat or "feeler". By the way, in 90-x Mad had a certain weight in criminal circles. It was known as one of the most fearless and obedient performers. And in 1995 - 1998 of M - Kean even was the seylemovsky foreman. Though as could the system addict who for a dose is ready on everything, to put to such position, it isn't known.

In search of earnings - Kean didn't pay attention to "concepts" to M "high". It is known, for example, that at the beginning of 90-x it fell before that "loaded" Yury Ivanov's wife. This person was put then "looking" in the Crimea by the Kharkov thieves in law, namely - Vladimir Yurchenko who is better known as Volodya Sevastopolsky, or Seva (about it "1K" already I wrote). As a result "boots" didn't accept the new thief in the Crimea, and that was missing soon. And mobsters explained to thieves that, say, Ivanov didn't correspond to criteria of the thief because it was judged for rape, and accused Seva of wrong "crowning". But it another story altogether.

The main thing, that Lesh Besheny was engaged in Ivanov's wife: it extorted from it jewelry, motivating it with that they were bought on "obshchakovsky" money. Though what to it there was a business to bashmakovsky "common fund", unclear. It is visible, very much the dose was necessary...

I offended the sister

I was available in the M biography - kina one more very impartial case. On this fact those years criminal case which now again "sew" to arrested "seylemovets" was brought.

In the middle of 90-x one businessman of the Gipsy nationality went under bandits.It in Simferopol had firm on collecting scrap metal and, generally - that, the business quite successfully developed. To it testified a smart mansion in the downtown and the Mercedes car that in 90-е years was a sign of big prosperity. The Gipsy was able to work, was able and to have a rest. Once he wanted big and light love, and he removed the prostitute in one of hotels of Simferopol. The girl worked for "Slavs". As already I wrote "1K", this organized criminal group consisted of the former employees of militia and was engaged generally in small racket and a pimping. "Slavs" kept "love points" in the old city and in capital hotel. In the last institution prostitution was put on higher level - young ladies worked here for 100 and more dollars in hour. And so, one of such also was removed by the metalgetter.

However some hours of love managed to it then in the much bigger sum. Next day to the Gipsy our Alexey with claims appeared suddenly. "You raped my sister", - he said and terribly in this occasion was angry. The Gipsy, blinking, I listened as Mad at first I was distressed about the scolded family honor, and then I passed to threats. As moral compensation of M - Kean demanded … "Mercedes".

The Gipsy long resisted, trying to look for protection at other mobsters, but at Mad everything was grabbed - the car as a result should be given. However even after that the businessman didn't calm down - he wrote the application in militia. Workers of search then documented the extortion fact, brought criminal case, but then everything came to naught (as it at us often happens). In a word, there was a fan of women without favourite car.

By the way, the similar story happened in 2002. In one of Yalta restaurants there was a conflict between the citizen D - dovy which that evening had a rest here together with Max Kurochkin (too by nickname Mad), and V.'s Yalta authority

Д - дов the Chinese (as already I wrote "1K", it is recently put to supervise prostitutes in one of the Simferopol hotels instead of "Slavs") began to stick to the mistress of the son of one of the former members of an organized criminal group by nickname. And so, companion Kurochkina began to do to the girl obscene offers and with use of physical force intended to drag her in numbers. V.'s Yalta authority stood up for the unfortunate, a fight was started, during which накостыляли both to authority, and his security guard. Max Besheny tried to settle the conflict, being on the side D - дова, but on this fact nevertheless criminal case was brought.However, then business quickly stopped "in the absence of crime structure". Such deal didn't suit V.'s Yalta authority, and he demanded compensation of moral damage in the sum of 10 thousand dollars. He received the money soon. However, speak, and I remained it is dissatisfied - the defender of women began to demand 30 thousand dollars then... But the feeding trough on that also was closed.

We will return to our main character - to Alexey of M - I will throw. It took at the beginning of spring of this year. At detention Mad tried to show resistance, but nevertheless it was placed for a lattice. Without dose there it is now very hard for it therefore on the conflict to Lesh's militiamen doesn't go, and obediently tells everything that knows and even that doesn't know. Ask it and about an old case of extortion at the Gipsy businessman. By the way, in this occasion the worker of search who then ran this criminal business gives testimony. Among other things, "seylemovets" of M - kina suspect of the organization of a Kerch drug traffic.

Militiamen promise that one more Crimean deputy - "seylemovets" who is involved in the organization and execution of a number of custom-made murders will be detained soon. Interestingly, who it?


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