IN "Freedom" demands from the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko that the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs again chased Markov

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Due to the return to Ukraine Homeland party leader Igor Markov the Svoboda VO Odessa regional organization addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko with the requirement immediately to detain Markov and to carry out concerning it investigative actions, reports a press - Svoboda VO Odessa regional organization service, transfers "The expert - the center".

Besides, IN "Freedom" addressed to the public prosecutor of Ukraine Alexander Medvedko with the requirement officially to publish results of investigation of two criminal cases opened on Markov, and to explain why it still is at large.

"Markov's business is a test for the present power. Or she with the people, or on the criminals party", - declares the chairman of the Svoboda VO Odessa regional organization Pavel Kirilenko.

"Freedom" reminds that on September 10 the head now the forbidden Rodina party had to be on interrogation to the investigator of the Nikolaev gorupravleniye of militia. The resolution on a call on interrogation was accepted within criminal case concerning Markov which was open on March 10, 2009 upon beating of participants of meeting on September 2, 2007 at walls of the Odessa regional state administration. However on interrogation Markov wasn't in this connection the Department of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev area put on September 11 Igor Markov on the state wanted list. Mass media reported that it hid in Transnistria, however later the source in the immediate environment of the politician reported that Igor Markov is at present in Turkey. Igor Markov declared that is on treatment in Russia. The deputy prosecutor of Nikolaev passed on September 21 the decision on cancellation of the resolution on Igor Markov's involvement to responsibility as accused, having counted it is premature. The second resolution of the deputy prosecutor cancelled Igor Markov's search in connection with change of its procedural status.

As business still is in Nikolaev, and to detain Igor Markov in case the Minister of Internal Affairs meets requirements IN "Freedom", will have to in Nikolaev. On September 11 Igor Markov ignored a trip on interrogation to Nikolaev and, probably, doesn't hurry to visit the city.


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