The official from New Bug killed a neighbour's dog

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Inhabitants of New Bug of the Nikolaev area are afraid to pass down the street by the house of the fellow countryman who is the employee of executive service of the Novobugsky area.

Zinaida Bogdanovalives in the neighbourhood with it. To an awful event which occurred recently, people didn't experience to each other hostility though especially and didn't talk. Communication was reduced to good-neighbourhood "Good afternoon", "Good Evening".

As well as many inhabitants of private houses,ZinaidaI held a favourite dog Umka - the snow-white Asian - on a chain on a backyard.

- Was about the 11th evening when Umka got rid, - she tells. - We with the husband heard as slate when the dog jumped over a fence creaked. We at once rushed behind it. Ran out on the street and together ran for a dog - the husband ahead, and I behind him. We called: "Umka, Umk". The husband already almost caught up with a dog when Umk jumped over a neighbour's fence. In the yard there was a company of several men, it seemed to me that they were drunk. We with the husband called: "Umka", and here heard a shot. The neighbor shot Umka from a gun …

- It after all could get to my husband! - speaksZinaida. - The husband after all stood in several meters from a dog. We at once caused militia. It is impossible to scorch so. Let will teach him to use a gun. To us even the neighbor could have no militiaman permission to the weapon or not.

The married couple asked a bag for hosts to take away a corpse of an animal. Especially offended that the bag was given not by the person shooting at a dog, and his relative.

As we managed to learn, the neighbor who has shot a dog, is the civil servant, works in executive service of the area.

In ten days after an event of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area I told us the official version of militia. The host together with friends were in the yard when the dog ran up to them. The man claims that Umka began to rush on them. People at first tried to expel him from the yard, and then hid from a dog in the house. The host at once prevailed a gun which was at that time sorted. I brought together him, one boss inserted, left to the yard and shot a dog.

About that the dog put to any of people of a trauma, the militia reports nothing.

According to law enforcement agencies, the man has permission to a gun and the certificate of the hunter.

The militia refused initiation of legal proceedings due to the lack of crime structure. Materials are transferred to prosecutor's office for consideration and decision-making.

Zinaida BogdanovaI didn't doubt at all that won't set the affair going - quite so usually and murders of animals come to an end.

- But we ran for a dog and called him. The neighbor couldn't but hear us. Simply I couldn't, - she speaks. - I don't know now, whether the street, especially by his house is safe to walk. If the neighbor so easily killed my dog, he can sometime shoot both at me, and at the husband?

The woman decided to wait while the militia will end a consequence. And if the result is not in its advantage, - to complain in all instances.

Umka lived only two years.


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