The State Office of Public Prosecutor everything is discharged the lawyer Pukacha

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The management of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine discharged the lawyer Nikolay Laptiyev of Alexey Pukacha's protection.

Miroslava Gongadze's lawyer Valentina Telichenko reported about it.

"Last night Nikolay Golomsha (the deputy public prosecutor) told me that powers of the lawyer Laptiyev stopped, and Pukach chose to himself other lawyer as the defender", - she told.

At the same time Telichenko for the present doesn't know a surname of this person, but noted that earlier this defender on the case of Georgy Gongadze's murder didn't take part.

Earlier the State Office of Public Prosecutor contrary to standards of the Criminal Procedure Code refused to Telichenko the requirement to replace the lawyer Pukacha - Laptiyev who protected in court of one of Alexander Popovic's Gongadze's murderers.

According to Telichenko, it wasn't made even after an explanation of Institute of the state and the right of Koretsky NAN of Ukraine in which it was emphasized that "the body of a pretrial investigation at appointment of the defender Pukacha as murder of Gongadze accused of commission has to observe strictly requirements ч.ч.2 and 3 Art. 61 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Therefore, Pukachu has to be appointed the defender who on the this case didn't give legal help to the persons which interests contradict interests of Pukacha. The lawyer who carried out earlier Popovic's protection as Gongadze accused of murder, it can't be appointed the defender Pukacha".

Gongadze's murder was committed in the fall of 2000. On March 15, 2008 the Appellate court of Kiev found guilty of murder of the journalist of three former employees of Department of external supervision and criminal investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - Valery Kostenko, Nikolay Protasov and Alexander Popovic, and appointed by it punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 12 till 13 years. One more accused - the former chief of Head department of criminal investigation department of Department of external supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Pukach was wanted since 2005.

On July 21 of this year in Molochki's village of the Chudnovsky region of Zhitomir area of Pukach it was detained.

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