The moral commission after hot discussion decided that Hitler's book everything is doesn't conform to its requirements

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The national commission of experts concerning protection of public morals at meeting decided on October 29 that Adolf Hitler's book "Main кампф" doesn't meet the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of protection of public morals, as contains information, which propagandizes ideology of fascism (Nazism, racism), kindles race and religious hatred, humiliates and offends the Jewish nation and other nations.

Asked to consider the 704-page Russian-language edition "My Fight" of 2003 of the Kharkov publishing house "Svitovid" the moral commission management for the press and information of the Zhitomir regional state administration.

Discussion of the book entailed discussion at meeting of the moral commission. Vasily Kostitsky told that attempts to publish "Main кампф" in the different countries of Europe underwent protests. "In Poland the publishing house from Vrotslava under pressure of prosecutor's office was compelled to destroy all circulation, having avoided thus a penalty and court", - it gave an example.

The member of the commission Pyotr Kononenko noted that the book has to be in Ukraine, but in special fund for scientists, instead of for the general public.

At the same time other members of the commission Gennady Knishov and Vladimir Kmetik insisted that the book it is necessary to condemn: the first noted that the young people can adopt Hitler's ideas, the second called Hitler's work "the xenophobia and chelovekonenavistnichestvo encyclopedia".

NEK invited to meeting the director of Book chamber of Ivan Fedorov Nikolay Senchenko became on protection of the edition. He reported that over 20 thousand books forbidden in Soviet period which many experts interest now are stored in Book chamber. "We begin bad tradition, forbidding the book. Forbid - and really you think, what they won't appear on Petrovka? Now there are two editions "Main Kampfa" - "Svitovida" and counterfeit other publishing house. Both of them are in demand.It isn't necessary to forbid books in society because we will come to that began in 1922", - he called.

"I am simply shocked with that heard. I suggest it not to take into account is any separate thought", - Vladimir Kmetik reacted to words of mister Senchenko.

"This same that we speak: children can't drink, and you offer: no, put before them beer and vodka", - the member of the commission Alexander Zlotnik found comparison to words of the director of Book chamber. Present applauded.

Daniil Yanevsky supported Nikolay Senchenko: "This book is xenophobic, misanthropic, on the one hand. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler any court wasn't recognized as the criminal. This book freely extends around the world. Let's forbid Haym Weizman who told that Jews of Eastern Europe is a dust under his feet. Let's forbid Vladimir Vinnichenko who called for physical destruction of Jews, Poles, the Russians, all people with the higher education. We can tell that this книгаявляется xenophobic that such books have to be in places with limited access, but we will appear in fools, forbidding Adolf Hitler".

Vasily Kostitsky noted that NEK "I didn't forbid any book". The commission made only one solution of prohibition - concerning movie "Hostel 2" demonstration. "If Nikolay Ivanovich (Senchenko) doesn't know about it, and uses those inventions which are on the Internet about our work, we invite you to us and we will show all our decisions", - it added. Also it reminded that copyright to "Main кампф" belongs to the power of the State of Bavaria and as far as he knows, wasn't provided to Svitovid publishing house.

After discussion members of NEK voted to recognize that Hitler's book doesn't meet the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of protection of public morals. The commission will report about the conclusion to the applicant (Zhitomir management of the press and information), to Svitovid publishing house will point to inadmissibility of the printing of similar books, and the head of the commission will more in details study the question connected with copyright on "Main кампф".


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