In Nikolayevshchina stole party money from office of Party of Regions

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On October 28 at eight o'clock in the evening in the cityPervomaiskThe Nikolaev area about service "102" the message that burglary at office of the city organizationis made arrivedParty of Regions. On a scene the task force right there left. By police officers it is established that the office didn't contain under protection, doors were opened by the allegedly fomky. In the room opened two safes - one stationary metal, and one built in a table. According to available information, was gone near2 500 UAH. Except money, malefactors didn't take any documents, obvious traces of a search it isn't revealed.

Upon criminal case according to Art. 185, is brought h. 3 ("Theft with penetration"), the investigation is carried.

As told to the correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from Party of RegionsAnatoly Semenkoin which left on a crime scene, personally it can't but tie the occurred fact to political events in the country.Anatoly SemenkovI noted that some criminal elements, probably, thought that in connection with begun election campaign, in office of PR there will be large sums of money. But even that money which were in the safe - money not the organizations, and party members, their personal savings, and party money aren't stored in office.

Anatoly VladimirovichI remained it is very happy with work of law enforcement agencies which right after the message immediately arrived into place in full equipment, carried out dactyloscopy, it is investigative - expeditious actions quickly and at high level that gives to it to hope that criminals will be caught already shortly.

The deputy of regional council couldn't pass by political manifestos, and told to the correspondent "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" that fault to such crimes is the policy of the governmentYulia Timoshenko.Those people who can't earn today money, forcing to go on crimes. Also I summed up, having called nikolayevets and all Ukrainians to be vigilant and careful.

As reported today in interview"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the militia colonelVladimir Uvarov, the crime isn't solved yet, but active work is conducted is investigative - task force.

- In it there is no political implication, the party lists, all documentation remained on a place.


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