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Almost full paralysis of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for two autumn months didn't prevent People's Deputies to stamp actively new and new drafts of laws, writes the weekly "Comments: ".

On a rank of the strangest of them, according to the edition, ten apply following, transfers the UNIAN.

1. The bill of modification of the Criminal code of Ukraine according to which it is necessary to strengthen punishment for the organization of gamblings. Instead of a penalty of eight thousand minimum wages and property confiscation, it is offered to punish organizers imprisonment for a period of four till six years. And, notes the edition, legislators "gaming" again included bookmaker offices though around the world the bukmekerstvo is considered quite respectable business which doesn't belong to the category of gamblings in definition, and is more likely an intellectual lottery.

Authors of the bill, and it is seven "byutovets", four "regionals", two "nunsovets" and on one representative of KPU and Blok of Litvin - also set as the purpose "the termination of illegal activity "interactive clubs", the organization of gamblings in electronic (virtual) casinos, an Internet cafe", though as notes the edition, unclear as they can achieve it.

2. The bill which pursues the aim to settle "development of the industry of intimate services" (it is registered by the being head of bureau of the Interpol in Ukraine the representative of BYuT fraction Kirill Kulikov).

The legislator, in particular, suggests to punish those who used services of the prostitute, the conclusion for a period of up to three years. It is simple to present, writes the weekly, what prospects in respect of blackmail and corruption open before companions who will control performance of such law.

3. The bill concerning responsibility of deputies of BP for failure of work of parliament, is submitted by the deputy from BYuT, the former public prosecutor's worker Sergey Mishchenko.

For that the People's Deputy will break plenary session (blocking of a tribune, presidium, a sessional hall, property damage), - it is "shone" till 240 o'clock by public works or corrective works for a period of up to one year.For the same actions made by a group of persons, - corrective works for up to two years.

Even if hypothetically to assume that People's Deputies will sometime remove from themselves inviolability in full, it is impossible to present as S. Mishchenko's law will work, write "Comments: ". We will tell, than actions "differ to stand near a tribune" and "to block a tribune"? Or, for example, how to find out by name group of deputies who blocked something when it can total to one hundred people?

4. The bill concerning settlement of trade in alcoholic drinks, is registered by the deputy from Party of Regions Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk.

Business in alcohol is offered to be done only in specialized shops (for the cities) or in "spatially separated, a separate entrance" departments of shops (for rural areas). It is offered to place specialshops not closer than 100 m from military unit or a cult construction, 200 m from scientific institution, etc. aren't closer. If this project promises ordinary citizens only household inconveniences, retailers should change cardinally logistics and distribution schemes, and it will cost at all kopeks, notes the edition.

5. The bill which offers to return to the passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the birth certificate notorious "the fifth column" - information on a nationality of the owner of the document. According to the People's Deputy from WELL - Vladimir Moysik's NANOSECOND, absence of such information "deprives of citizens of Ukraine of the right for national identity". Such initiative has nothing in common with a problem of search of a national consent but only it is capable to strengthen xenophobic moods, considers the edition. Besides information such would all the same be entered in the passport according to the owner, and the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees to each person the right for free development of the personality.

6. The new draft of the Housing code of Ukraine, initiated by nine members of the committee concerning construction, town planning and housing and communal services led by ex-the minister of construction, architecture and housing and communal services Vladimir Rybak.

It already the third draft of this code of authorship of V. Rybak, notes the weekly in which situation lovely to heart of many town governors who want to take down at own discretion objects, to them disturbing appears. According to the Art.41 Constitutions "compulsory alienation of objects of the right of a private property can be applied only as an exception based on public need, on the basis and as it should be, established by the law, and on condition of a preliminary and full recovery of their cost". However V. Rybak and his colleagues suggest an exception to turn into the rule, by concept "public need" substitution considerable broader concept "public requirements". Article 171 of the project provides possibility of withdrawal of housing "in connection with construction of houses, constructions and other production objects of the state and municipal ownership". If this project is approved (and chances of passing through parliament at it rather big as it has the status of the project finished by profile committee), the state and municipal ownership will receive a priority before private, contrary to article 13 of the Constitution in which it is said that "all legal entities of property are equal before the law".

7. The bill concerning punishment of civil servants for granting unreliable information about their property, the income and expenses. The author of the bill - the deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Gennady Moskal and in combination the chief militiaman of the Crimea - suggests to dismiss for such violation though the current law "About fight against corruption" provides for similar fault only administrative responsibility in the form of a penalty. In case of adoption of the bill. The Russian, Comments allow ": ", this situation will be widely applied against officials who don't suit a certain political force. And it is a question not only of petty officials, but also of employees of the highest category - the first and the second which borrow political, instead of actually administrative positions. On civil service it is level of deputy ministers and deputy governors, on service in local governments - level of chairmen of regional councils, their deputies, mayors of Kiev, Sevastopol, Simferopol and the regional centers.

8. The bill which enters new requirements to owners of pets, is submitted by the representative of "National self-defense" Oleg Novikov. If some standards of the bill concerning the dogs, capable to be threat for people, are fair, the general requirements to owners of dogs and cats look not only exaggerated, but also impracticable, writes the weekly. For example, Lake.Novikov suggests to enter penalties in the amount of twenty to thirty free minima of the income of citizens for "the maintenance of dogs and cats without passing of procedure of obligatory registration or not establishment of the precautionary plate about existence of an animal", "walking of dogs and cats not in the places taken away for this purpose" and even for "leaving of animals without supervision". Then, writes the edition, in the city will start fining for a cat who jumped out of a window of the first floor to take a walk in a court yard, and inhabitants of the village will force to register the cats, cats and kittens and on each gate to fasten the plate: "Carefully, cats! ".

9. The bill "About Professional Self-regulated and Self-coping Associations" submitted representatives of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Ksenia Lyapina, Vladimir Karpuk and Vladimir Moysik and Andrey Shevchenko (BYUT). Authors of the project suggest to establish that professional associations had the right to be called only what received "the certificate of professionalism of association" and are included in "the register of professional associations". Has to issue certificates and to keep the register according to the bill "Authorized coordinating body for professional associations - the All-Ukrainian union of public associations which is created at the initiative of the professional public associations functioning in different professions, fields of activity and branches". And at first not less than ten professional associations have to create "Authorized coordinating body", and then it will start issuing certificates. How to be in case two groups of professional associations are at the same time formed, each of which will create own "Authorized coordinating body", authors of the bill don't explain. Meanwhile, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, "all associations of citizens are equal before the law".

10. The bill concerning a ban on sale and the use of any alcoholic beverages onboard aircrafts of domestic air carriers during implementation by them internal regular flights within Ukraine and charter flights out of borders of Ukraine, is registered by Bogdan Gubsky (BYUT). As write "Comments: ", adoption of such law only will do much harm to the Ukrainian air carriers, having created it image of the companies with lower level of service, than at the foreign.


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