How to receive a deserved salary advises management of work and a social security

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Timely payment of a salary and repayment of debt on it - prime issues which are resolved by area executive authorities in the general complex socially - economic problems.

For the solution of these important questions different mechanisms are involved and the rigid monitoring system over performance of concrete instructions is installed.

Since the beginning of 2009 city (the cities of regional value) councils studying of a condition of compensation was carried out by specialists of managements of work and social protection of the population of the district state administrations, executive committees at 901 enterprises of area, from them 173 are the enterprises at which there is a debt on salary payment. For acceptance of the appropriate measures of reaction to heads - offenders materials of 111 checks of the enterprises - debtors are transferred to law enforcement agencies or State Labour Inspection.

The state inspectors of work concerning legislation control on compensation carried out 209 inspections of the enterprises - debtors. By results of the carried-out work concerning heads - offenders different response measures are applied, namely: 154 protocols on an administrative offense are brought to trial, 39 resolutions on imposing of penalties are taken out, on the facts of groundless nonpayment of a salary of business on 118 heads - materials are transferred to offenders to bodies of prosecutor's office for the solution of a question of attraction them to criminal responsibility.

Through mass media it is carried out it is information - explanatory work concerning receiving an owed salary forcibly. Besides, in managements of work and social protection of the population of all levels on noted questions telephone "hot" lines work.

For October 1, 2009 on performance in departments of the public executive service there were 4,4 thousand documents concerning collecting debts on payment of a salary of the enterprises of area in interests of citizens on decisions of the courts for total amount of 11,9 million UAH.

For this period for a systematic violation of the law about compensation contracts are broken off and ten heads of the enterprises - debtors, including five - the municipal sphere are dismissed.

As of October 1, 2009 total amount of an unpaid salary as a whole on area made 31,5 million UAH

For September of this year

- debts on a salary for the sum of 547,5 thousand UAH at 18 the area enterprises are liquidated. From them the greatest amounts of debt are liquidated on: Vtormetpivden limited liability company, open joint stock company "the Mobile mechanized column - 107 "Vodbud", Southern Electrotechnical Company limited liability company;

- the debt is reduced by the sum of 2141,5 thousand UAH at 23 enterprises - debtors. From them the greatest reduction of a debt took place at the municipal enterprise of the Nikolaev city council "Nikolayevelektrotrans".

Together with it, heads of a number of the budget forming enterprises, in particular allowed growth of debts:

around the city to Nikolaev

- GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards", growth of debt by 842 thousand UAH, a debt - 6 million UAH;

- GP "It Is Repair — Mechanical Plant", growth of debt by 384 thousand UAH, a debt - 3,4 million UAH;

- GP "Mostootryad-73" of JSC Mostobud, growth of debt by 414,9 thousand UAH, debt - 774 thousand UAH;

- The debt in the sum of 317,1 thousand UAH

arose JSC Vodny mir,

- The debt in the sum of 210,8 thousand UAH

arose JSC KIVIT,

around the city Pervomaisk

- Joint stock company ""Golt's" autotrance, growth of debt by 43,4 thousand UAH, a debt - 372,8 thousand UAH;

- JSC "Gileya", growth of debt by 20,4 thousand UAH, a debt - 992,4 thousand UAH

around the city Yuzhnoukrainsk

- JSC Yuzhenergobud, growth of debt by 169,9 thousand UAH, a debt - 3,2 million UAH

The head department of work and social protection of the population of the regional state administration pays attention of heads of the enterprises that financially - the economic crisis doesn't exempt from responsibility for violation of the current legislation about work. For a violation of the law about compensation guilty officials are attracted to disciplinary, material, administrative and criminal responsibility.

Groundless nonpayment of a salary by the director, establishments or the organizations irrespective of form of ownership or the citizen - the subject of business activity is punished by a penalty from one thousand to one and a half thousand free minima of the income of citizens or freedom restriction for up to three years, or to imprisonments for up to five years, with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or to be engaged in a certain activity for up to three years".

For groundless nonpayment of a salary by law enforcement agencies of Nikolaev the 33rd criminal cases are brought.

However in practice, even these measures not always happen sufficient for the solution of a question of elimination of debt on a salary to employees of the separate enterprises. Also active actions of workers to which ran into debt a salary are necessary. Effective measures of return of a debt is its compulsory collecting through judicial authorities.

With introduction in action since 01.09.2005 гражданско - the procedural code of Ukraine procedure of collecting means ought to workers by the publication of the injunction which is a special form of the judgment of collecting from the debtor of money is simplified. For this purpose, it is offered to the worker to whom ran into debt a salary on the basis of Art. 96, 97 and 98 civil - the procedural code of Ukraine to appeal with the statement for issue of the injunction to local court in a residence. In the statement it has to be defined:

1) the name of court to which the application is submitted;

2) name of the applicant and the debtor, and also name (name) of the representative of the applicant if the application is submitted by the representative, their place of residence or location;

3) requirements of the applicant and circumstance on which they are based;

4) the list of documents which are added to the statement.

The statement is signed by the applicant or his representative and moves with his copies and copies of the documents added to it. To the application which is submitted by the representative of the applicant, the document which confirms its powers has to be added.

For the purpose of receiving additional explanations and consultations we suggest to address by phones of "hot" lines:

(0512) 55 65 92 - Head department of work and social protection of the population of the regional state administration, and also in a residence:


(0512) 22-33-14, 22-40-88

.Pervomaisk (0261) 4-47-45

Voznesensk (0234) 4-54-04

Yuzhnoukrainsk (0236) 5-55-17

Ochakov (0254) 2-23-03

Arbuzinsky (0232) 3-19-04

Bashtansky (0258) 2-14-68

Berezansky (0253) 2-12-75

Berezneguvatsky (0268) 9-12-64

Brotherly (0231) 9-15-66

Veselinivsky (0263) 2-92-98

Voznesensky (0234) 4-48-94

Vradiivsky (0235) 9-66-87

Domanivsky (0252) 9-15-47

Elanetsky (0259) 9-14-89

October (0512) 25-91-91

Kazankivsky (0264) 9-16-41

Krivoozersky (0233) 2-40-47

Nikolaev (0512) 48-08-34

Novobuzky (0251) 9-15-48

Novoodesky (0267) 9-10-63

Ochakov (0254) 2-20-65

May Day (0261) 3-34-73

Snigurivsky (0262) 2-25-98


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