The most criminogenic places of Nikolaev – Lenin Ave., Mira Ave., Oktyabrsky Ave. and Kosmonavtov St.

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The main part of all crimes and offenses in the city occur in public places and on streets. The public relations inspector spoke about it with the first deputy chief of the Nikolaev municipal government militia lieutenant colonel Artur Merikovim.

- Artur Ivanovich, what today a criminogenic situation in the city?

- I can tell with confidence that the criminogenic situation in the city remains stable. Splashes in heavy and especially heavy types of crimes it isn't observed. However still at high level there is a registration of the crimes committed in public places and on streets of our city, so-called street crimes.

- May you call crimes which are most often committed in public places and on city streets.

- First of all it would be desirable to note robberies, then robberies and thefts of property of citizens. Also today continue to take theft place from the cars left without examination. Usually, robberies are more often than other crimes are observed in militia operational reports. And as sadly almost in 70% cases the purpose of malefactors are mobile phones.

I want to pay attention of citizens and inhabitants of our city that according to about 90% of crimes reveal in case citizens address in militia till 30 minutes after the crime committed in their relation. At the address in 1-2 hours disclosure decreases by 30%. And at the address next day it is much heavier to open this type of a crime.

In 80-ти cases about 100 street crimes are committed jobless and earlier judged. Thus the peak (more than 50%) is the share of an hour interval from 18.00 till 00.00. Therefore, inhabitants and guests of our city in a night-time would like to recommend to be especially fixed on streets. And that who comes back long after midnight - to call a taxi not to fall a victim of a crime.

- What categories of citizens most often become victims of similar crimes?

- Generally it is women and girls who can't physically reject pressure of the robber. Often victims are men who come back home as speak "under hmelky". Therefore about 70% of applicants address in militia more than in 12 hours. Thus most often they can't describe a sign of the criminal that considerably complicates work of law enforcement agencies. And about search of the criminal in "hot scents" out of the question.

- What streets and districts of our city it is possible to call the most criminogenic?

- The carried-out analysis showed that today the most criminogenic are the central city streets - Lenin Avenue, the World, October, Kosmonavtov Street, and also parks, the markets, entertaining institutions, that is places of the greatest congestion of people.

In this regard law enforcement agencies systematically carry out studying and the analysis of territorial and hour intervals of implementation of crimes. On the basis of what there is a redistribution of forces and means which carry out protection of a public order. In particular it is pedestrian and automobile dresses of a battalion of patrol service, the military unit 3039, a separate company of rapid response "Golden eagle", public service of protection, automobile inspection and public formations. On the average daily city streets patrol more than 200 employees.

- Artur Ivanovich, than is dangerous to citizens to the oseena - the winter period?

- Repeating, I will tell that during the whole year the relentless statistics speaks about thefts, robberies of mobile phones. It testifies to negligence of citizens. Fall - the winter and the beginning of spring are characterized by that generally at the population pull out and steal bags, man purses. In comparison with 80 - ми for years very seldom break caps from valuable fur. If to tell some words about the summer period, most often together with mobilka a target of a crime are jewelry and products from gold which it is impossible as in the winter, to hide under outerwear.

Lining a result to the aforesaid, I will emphasize: "Dear citizens if you fell a victim of a crime - try to remember signs of the criminal, namely: in what was dressed as looked, in what direction disappeared, used the car or public transport and immediately you call by telephone to the hot line 102".


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