In Nikolaev the swindler who in absentia "sold" cheap products is detained and provided sessions of massage

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46- summer nikolayevets Igor (the name is changed) was able to gain the confidence of people. Its trade - fraud. And though the man was already judged for such actions, and even served sentence in places of confinement, without having found on freedom of work, he fell back into the old ways.

As reported in sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia, it is established 10 episodes of fraud made by this man. For the example, one of them: Igor approached to a booth of mobile communication and asked the worker of a stall to recharge to it on the mobile. The man got to talking with the woman, it was presented to the military personnel of part which, according to him, plan to disband and therefore it should sell food stocks. Igor offered the woman sugar at the similar price - on 3 UAH for kilogram. Without thinking twice, the woman ordered the whole bag. But there was one condition - new znakomets needed to give money forward. The woman any time didn't decide to fork up before the unknown man, but tempting sugar price got the best. Having made the transaction, Igor disappeared, having promised next day to get a sugar bag to it home.

Hoping for that the principle "in the morning money - in the evening" will work chairs, the woman expected Igor's call. When she recharged to it, providently wrote down number of its phone. The woman started calling Igor. He that told that sugar here is already lucky, and then "the subscriber appeared out of an access zone" …

didn't take then the call

Other case even more interesting: having approached to the man having a rest in park, Igor was presented by the doctor the therapist and told that sees how the man suffers any pain. The man confirmed that he is hurt by a back. Then Igor offered the services of the massage therapist. It carried out some sessions of massage at home at "patient", and once couldn't be content only with payment of the services, took the mobile phone of "patient" and left.

But most often he offered food at the low prices. After statements from citizens started arriving, began is investigative - prompt actions. During carrying out these works the man was detained.At present the measure of restraint is chosen. The man is in regional department, the investigation is carried.


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