In "Self-defense" demand to make responsible Yushchenko and Theological

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The message a press - services SBU that our valorous intelligence service where - that in the Chernigov area revealed "the organizer of a panic" who placed on one of sites of Kiyevshchina of the message on infection with students of Lviv and Ternopol people plague, reminds me long ago forgotten "business of mushroom pickers". It was declared by the parliamentarian from "National self-defense" Yury Grimchak.

"Remember how before elections "Kuchma - 2" the head of SBU of that time Leonid Derkach inflated scandal with "rebels"? It seems, any military pensioners in the same Chernigov area collected underground group to take military warehouses, and later to organize a capture of Kiev any fans of restoration of the Soviet power. By the way, these detained persons the majority from which was in a condition of a senile sclerosis, received considerable imprisonment terms", - the politician reminded.

According to Yu.Grimchak, "in the present time if on serious to approach to a question of accountability of organizers of a "plague" panic, first of all, it is necessary to file to the Prosecutor General's Office documents on initiation of legal proceedings against the candidate for president Inna Bogoslovskaya".

"Because not further as last Friday in the telecast "Schuster — Live" madam Bogoslovskaya on all state shouted about identification at territories of Ukraine of the facts of infection with pulmonary plague! Who in this case is the real organizer of a panic - the young man from Chernigiv region who retold on the gossip Internet from the Troyeshchinsky market, or madam Bogoslovskaya together with "fixed" Valentyn Nalyvaichenko to all potential "public enemies"? After all a question in this case it is far not rhetorical", - "samooboronets" noted.

"If our intelligence service so wants to be delivered on sensation and to make responsible someone from organizers of a panic, it is necessary to begin with some candidates for president of Ukraine and the head of state Victor Yushchenko because these people most of all sow panic moods in society for the purpose of obtaining political dividends …", - Yu.Grimchak summarized.


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