Curator of Nikolayevshchina from "National self-defense" People's Deputy O. Novikov: The idea of creation of "pocket" municipal militia is unpromising

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Already repeatedly mayors of various large cities acted with idea about creation of municipal militia. It is clear that to have pocket militia which will be completely attached to the budget of the regional center and will be morally and to depend financially on this or that deputy structure or the city hall, it is very favorable because such militia will serve only to the employer.

We will remind that about a year ago, the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika, also spoke need of creation for Nikolaev municipal militia.

"We put and we will raise further a question for the President, the Cabinet of need of creation of municipal militia. That the mayor, executive committee, deputies of city council could not only help, but also ask from employees of militia and set for them tasks", - V. Chaika declared a year ago.

According to him, the militia contains from the state budget for only 50-60% and therefore the city and will help it further. In too time, the city budget has no means for financing of the law-enforcement bodies subordinated to Kiev. Another matter - if there was a municipal militia.

"Unless the local government can cope with spontaneous trade alone? The militia helped once, the second, the third. And all. And the order in the markets needs to be fixed. Or work of district police officers. Unless not a task of the militiaman in the beat to pass through the fixed territory and to check how houses how the garbage gets enough sleep on streets contain? Instead district police officers take in dresses. And under the law it has to work with the population. On one there have to be not 4000 inhabitants, and it is twice less", - V. Chaika


Recently with idea about creation of municipal militia the mayor of Kharkov Mikhail Dobkin acted.

In turn, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the civil movement "National Self-defense", the curator of Nikolayevshchina from this political force Oleg Novikov emphasizes that all attempts of creation of similar municipal militias failed just because there can't be private GAI, a private border service or private SBU.

"Even if such militia will be created, it will be deprived of civil rights and unarmed as there are no laws "About Security Activity" and "About the Weapon", and also the norm about necessary self-defense" isn't settled, - Oleg Novikov considers.

O. Novikov noted that the authorities can create municipal security structure which can obtain the license of the established sample, but besides security activity will be engaged also in law and order protection.

"Nothing prevents to create security structure and already now to bring the employees to streets", - Oleg Novikov noted and added that all well remember how in Soviet period there were so-called voluntary national teams (VNT). However all combatants came for watch only accompanied by militia, and before each watch all of them surely passed instructing in law-enforcement bodies.

The deputy considers that the similar new growth will be inefficient as, according to the current legislation, security structures aren't law enforcement agencies.

"To detain, for example, drunk and hooligans, can be private security guards and will be, however any such detention can turn back against detaining because they on it have no legal rights", - Oleg Novikov told and noted that has the right to detain the citizen at us only law enforcement officers by a court decision or in case actions of the detained citizen were directed on disorderly conduct according to certain articles of the criminal code.

"As the private security guard will carry out the act of civil arrest - it isn't known. It, probably, next "ноу - Hau", them was much", - Oleg Novikov told.


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