The Nikolaev communist нардепа has Matveeva immunity from flu and militia?

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Today, on November 7, for anniversary of October revolution to a monument to Lenin, contrary to recommendations city and the government, communists came. They went not organized column not to draw attention of law enforcement officers whom this morning on the main city street was more, than it is enough, and dashes on some people.

The head of the KPU Nikolaev regional organization the People's Deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Matveev went one of the last, near the woman - the standard-bearer.

Near Kashtanovy Square it was stopped by the police officer and tried to hand over to the main communist of area the resolution of the Nikolaev district administrative court on a ban of mass actions which was taken out yesterday, on November 6. But Vladimir Matveev didn't want to listen to the militiaman, and, having reminded the employee that it, say, the whole People's Deputy so let the resolution to it is handed over by the judicial performer and to go on Soviet nobody will forbid it.

Here it, the resolution at which Matveev didn't deign and to look.

At this time small groups of admirers of the communists, reached the last location - Lenin's monument, started collecting banners and to get bouquets of chrysanthemums for assignment.

The ardent word was made shortly by the second secretary of the regional committee, the first secretary of the Nikolaev city town committee of KPU, the deputy of a regional council N. Dzardanov.

Some people with tags IN "Freedom" stood nearby. On a question of the correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" and where the meeting planned by the organization where their people, the activist of the Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists Natalya Grudinina answered that to them forbade to hold meeting therefore they obeyed and didn't organize procession. In confirmation of the words Natalya Nikolaevna showed the letter signed by the mayor Vladimir Chaika, forbidding to them to hold meeting.

Nevertheless, some young people, many them which in the city rather well know for nationalist views and police officers, and the public, even prior to procession of communists were detained by police officers. It was succeeded to communicate to one of them "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

- For what detained you?

- Officially, for absence of documents. I had documents therefore me released. The others will release, I think, within an hour.

Then across Nikolaev it is dangerous to go without documents, you risk to spend time in native militia to an identification.

Militiamen tried to talk some sense into Matveev and near a monument, but it avoided conversations and hastily retired. The participant IN "Freedoms" tried to prevent Matveev's interview for TV channel, than caused a storm of emotions in indignant grandmothers and grandfathers who right there rushed a breast on protection of party. Well, or it is simple, right there rushed on the woman. It was necessary to protect the patriot … to fighters of "Golden eagle". They pushed aside the woman and made a stand before it, and behind their backs, continuing skirmish with "rescued", the aged communist waved a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a step to the proletarian statements.

At this time the group of grandmothers already dashingly began to sing before a monument of the leader "Katyusha" and is red - proletarian clockwork songs.

Some weren't afraid to take on communistic meeting of the child, contrary to epidemic and risk to infect a young organism on such action by quinsy, flu or than worse …

Why the militia didn't disperse protesters, having on hands the resolution of court on a ban of mass actions, and simply protected a public order, observing how the right is violated? The chief of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia Oksana Choubina despite the fact that at present it is in holiday could answer our numerous questions:

- Police officers were obliged to provide a public order, and couldn't carry out a judgment is a work of judicial performers. The militia had other task. Nevertheless, the fact of carrying out action is documented, materials on the basis of which the lawful decision will be made were collected.

Whether proceedings upon violation of the resolution of the Nikolaev district administrative court will be initiated, whether someone will bear for it responsibility - will show time.


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