Melnichenko claims that Derkach threatened him from - for the father

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Nikolay Melnichenko declares that the deputy Andrey Derkach snatched on it with threats from - that his records on "Gongadze's business" выкрывают Leonida Dercacia.

The ex-Gosokhrana's major declared this "To the newspaper on - Kiev", making comments on Saturday incident at luxurious restaurant "Belveder" in Kiev where Derkach nearly didn't beat Melnichenko.

Thus it disproved that came to restaurant during celebration of a wedding someone from children of Derkacha.

"On Saturday I went out with the friends on Glory park, on the way decided to come into "Belvedere". There I met the acquaintance, stopped to be thrown with him a couple of words. At this time to me the deputy Andrey Derkach jumped up: "From here to throw out you, or you will leave? ", - Melnichenko told.

"I to it: "You who in general the such? ". And it: "I am Andrey Derkach! You at me still will spit blood! ", - he retold.

"After threats the deputy seized me with a hand by the person. A second more - and I would load to it between an eye, the benefit, my protection approached, and any woman started delaying Derkacha. Hands at me directly itched to it to cut", - Melnichenko added.

According to the major, in "Belvedere" he didn't see newlyweds, and "if there was a wedding, visitors would be let hardly in a hall".

"I don't know, what there during a holiday was, but, think, on a fig to me a wedding of Derkacha?. The aggressive deputy was obviously drunk, and I decided to leave simply. Militia didn't cause", - Melnichenko told.

"It isn't sophisticated that Derkach - younger at the sight of me so got irritated - at Kuchma from - for my records his father lost a position in SBU. "Films" prove participation of Derkacha - the senior not only to Gongadze's business, but also to large-scale razvorovyvaniye", - the major declared.

"Now I am a protected person, and for attack and threats to the person who protects the state, it is necessary to answer. On Monday I will write the application in the State Office of Public Prosecutor that dealt with it nardepy", - Melnichenko reported.

The newspaper didn't manage to contact Andrey Derkach, and his assistant Oleg Boyarintsev told only that Melnichenko - the scandalous personality and from it can expect anything.

"As for celebration "the wedding of the son" at restaurant - at Andrey Leonidovich (Деркача) isn't present sons, it has only three daughters", - Boyarintsev told.

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