The People's Deputy R. Zabzalyuk declares that journalists slow down processes of parliamentary control and "press" on deputies

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During the communication with representatives of the Nikolaev mass media the People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk, answering topical issue concerning the initiative of creation of Commission of inquiry of GP "Delta Pilot", I didn't keep and I accused journalists that they put pressure upon People's Deputies of Ukraine.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that People's Deputies of Ukraine suggest to create Temporary commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning investigation of circumstances of rather possible violations of the current legislation of Ukraine from officials of the State enterprise "Delta Pilot" (Nikolaev). The corresponding draft of the resolution on formation of Temporary commission of inquiry is registered in BP at No. 5203 7 of October and published on the parliament website.

"Sometimes representatives of mass media, seeking to give the first information in the editions, that without understanding, turn separate activities of the power into the base for "cat's fights"", - R. Zabzalyuk declared.

He considers what exactly this fate (will turn into "cat's fights" - an editor's note) comprehends also creation of commission of inquiry on GP "Delta Pilot".

"Everything receives the assessment - or someone wants something to redistribute, or … The direct duty of the People's Deputy - to exercise parliamentary control and one of effective methods of implementation of this control - creation of commissions of inquiry", - R. Zabzalyuk explained.

He noted that communicating with deputies, understands that today the people's deputy starts reflecting - and whether it is worth introducing the bill of creation of Temporary commission of inquiry, after all, suddenly there will be materials where these or those estimates will be given.

"You understand, and in this direction the negative is given and latentno processes of parliamentary control" are slowed down, - R. Zabzalyuk claims.

GP "Delta Pilot" is relative, the People's Deputy noted that the question that it is necessary to remove the present head isn't necessary, and it is worth - understanding a question a situation.

"I will suggest colleagues to understand the base of basis and strategy of activity of this enterprise, probably, there are monopoly shades. Probably, it is necessary to understand strategy of further development of the enterprise and, probably, it is necessary to create separate state unit in the territory of Odessa region", - the People's Deputy noted.

Interestingly it turns out - really in our country People's Deputies have to deal with such issues. And why then there is a Ministry of transport and communication which is under control to the Cabinet? Really there are no experts who will outline ways of development of the enterprise in the future?

Roman Zabzalyuk, also declared, what he has a mass of questions concerning where criminal cases which were excited on the previous head of this enterprise disappeared?


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