The Kiev rector corrupted children

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The head of capital higher education institution suspect of terrible orgies and rapes In Ukraine new pedofilsky scandal. At the Borispol airport detained the rector of one of capital higher education institutions who, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, lost on pedophilia and "has now a rest" on plank beds in a pre-trial detention center. "Professor headed criminal group. Its participants, and also the rector, corrupted juvenile children and teenagers. In group, except it, was three more participants.

25- the part of a verbovshchitsa was assigned to a summer podelnitsa. It looked for children from rather poor families, and the driver of the rector, the head of higher education institution and the native of Guinea forced girls aged from 12 till 16 years. Sometimes children were paid by money, sometimes gave gifts. Also participants of group shot pornovideo during the orgies for personal viewing, - the employee GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Fedchenko told "Today". - Parents of injured children addressed to militiamen. The facts of violence over children are confirmed with medical examinations. According to our information, the rector financed a gang and rented apartments for orgies".

PLAYED. According to Fedchenko to detain the fourth participant of group, the Guinean (his location long couldn't establish), militiamen developed unique operation: "We by phone invited it allegedly to a casting for the clip on one of film studios, our employees changed clothes in a form of security officers and played from itself actors. When the foreigner was taken by fighters from special forces "Falcon", that smiled.

He till the last moment didn't suspect that him detain on - to the present. The rector and his podelnitsa we detained at the airport without excess noise. They returned from - for borders. The rector was met by the wife with the child". According to him, houses at perverts at searches were found "Binelli's" carbine, $180 thousand, some video cameras, cartridges and a photo with a porno. According to informal information, among victims were even 10 - summer girls.

Andrey Chernykh, the head of a public initiative "Student's protection", reported "Today" that, according to his sources in law enforcement agencies, a name of the detained rector - Vasily Sergeyevich M.In academy which he heads, we were told that their chief now on holiday. "Where exactly he has a rest - I don't know", - the first vice rector of academy Alexander Vladimirovich speaks.

DOUBTS. Relatives 49 - summer professor to whom threatens till 15 years of prison, doubt his guilt. "I can't believe that it in something is guilty therefore I incline to that it everything - any order more. But if the militia tells the truth, it means simply the geek and it doesn't have a place on the earth", - one of his relatives Olga, refused to call the surname told us.

However, the woman noted that 8 years doesn't maintain the close relations with the suspect. In Vasily M. official biography appears that he has special merits before the Ukrainian people, is the sea captain.


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