The young guest stole from the Nikolaev pensioner gifts for granddaughters

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64- the summer inhabitant of one of settlements of the May Day area decided to give a gift for memory to the внученькам - everyone on a chain with a dagger. Jewelry was acquired by it still previously - to birthday of sisters - twins. But the unpleasant surprise expected the pensioner - he couldn't find gold products, though accurately remembered where exactly he hid gifts. The man lives one in the house, guests to it come not often, and unfamiliar so don't happen at all. Having remembered all who crossed a threshold of its household after he bought jewelry, he went to militia to submit the application, the assistant to the chief of May Day GO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nadezhda Shuyenko reported.

Militiamen of May Day city department in some days after obtaining the address established also the person who carried out theft, and the property is returned to the owner.

29- the summer odnoselchanka rather often came to the pensioner - generally to borrow either money, or food. The man treated it kindly, didn't deny the assistance, but, being on character not really sociable, quickly enough said goodbye to the guest. Only once to the woman the case alone in others household was presented to remain. Then the owner saw the relative who was very necessary to it in a window, and it was compelled to leave the visitor in the room. While the pensioner was about a fence, the inhabitant, examining furniture in rooms, found a tiny casket, having opened which, saw gold products. Without waiting while the owner will return to the house, the woman put jewelry in a pocket, a casket - on a place and fast returned to the room where it was left by the man. Having communicated some more minutes to the owner, "guest" went on the affairs.

The woman sold gold chains in the market in the district, the received 350 hryvnias were spent for vodka and food, and daggers by her, being in an alcohol intoxication, presented to the girlfriends.

The investigative department of May Day GO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs brought criminal case according to p.1 Art. 185 of KK of Ukraine which sanction provides imprisonment for up to three years.


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