The swindler - the inhabitant of Odessa by means of hypnosis and egg enticed at the Nikolaev student gold ear rings

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Roguish way I took control of couple of gold ear rings 35 - the summer inhabitant of Odessa who for some days arrived to Pervomaisk. Misunderstanding with partners in business caused anger in the woman and she decided to revenge all city. Having behind shoulders the higher education on the Psychology profile, the swindler also owns skills of hypnotic influence.

She chose as the victim two local students who in lunch time sat in cafe. At first the woman got acquainted with girls, and then for implementation of the plan "included" "abilities". She told to one of girls that jinxed her parents and it is necessary to rescue them from "black charms" immediately, report in TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

As the rescuer the woman offered herself. Having got egg, the swindler long "conjured" with it, and then, having broken, showed to the girl its black contents. Attempts of the inhabitant of Odessa under hypnosis to entice money and jewelry from houses of girls were vain, after all students lived in a hostel and lived on a grant. But from the roguish actions the woman had benefit - gold ear rings of one of girls became her production.

The timely address of victims to guards yielded the results. In some hours when the inhabitant of Odessa was going to leave the city by the regular bus, the cheat was detained by employees of May Day city department. At a personal search material evidences are withdrawn from the detainee. Ear rings which she didn't manage to sell, are returned to the owner, and the woman offers explanations for investigators. From her words, she never was engaged in fraud and made such actions for the self-affirmation, but guards on it have the opinion, after all her skill in possession of hypnosis, probably, was shown in other similar cases.


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