"Obsessed" Othello killed the wife and tried to kill the friend that it didn't send to a mental hospital for attacks of jealousy

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Spouses lived in one of settlements of the Bereznegovatsky area - 47 - the summer woman who was the director of local school, and then - the teacher of elementary grades and it 43 - the summer husband. In 20 in common spent years the family, according to fellows villager, was characterized as amicable and economic. I was at the husband 48 - the summer companion with whom he was on friendly terms from a school bench and from - for which that unhappy day all and happened.

In the morning in Bereznegovatsky regional department of militia the local paramedic who reported addressed that in local TsRB the man with the diagnosis getting knife wound of a thorax in a serious condition got to area of heart and an injury of the head.

While the victim was in consciousness, he managed to tell that in the house from which it took away, there is a corpse of the woman, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area

Militiamen, having arrived to an event place, saw that in the house doors are closed and there is no light in windows. But after a while field investigators noticed that in the house someone is. As then it was established, it was the husband lost. Having seen strangers in the yard of the household, the man started shouting that nobody approached because he will kill all who will come nearer to it. Negotiations lasted not for long, through some period guards managed to get to the building.

The picture which was seen by militiamen, reminded a scene from the horror film - the beaten ware, the blood-stained knifes, and in bedrooms - a corpse of the woman. It was during the investigation established that everything began is banal - from the cut sausage. Usually the wife, bringing home purchases, never I cut and I didn't give products on a table, and always I spoke to the husband what exactly she bought, and it already can take in the refrigerator and eat. This time, after the next campaign in shop, the woman for dinner cut sausage and offered it to the husband.

It seemed to it that the behavior of his wife why - that started differing from the usual.Through any period to the man it became bad (pressure increased) and it, having suspected wrong, I remembered that its blessed still I came into a drugstore. Subsequently it became easier for the man, but as it became clear, for a while. At night at it again jumped up pressure. He at once called the companion and asked it to go with it to hospital. There the man refused to accept, having told that at him everything is all right with a state of health. But the man decided to go to other medical institution.

At this moment it to mind was come by thought that his wife is now in embraces of other man. Having taken away from the friend the mobile phone that that didn't call by phone and I couldn't warn his wife, it went home. However it was expected by "disappointment" - when it arrived, the wife peacefully slept. But it seemed to it that in the house nevertheless still someone is. The man started searching a household, then the yard - and again anything.

Such loud actions from the man woke the woman who took an interest that he does. That, in turn, started sorting out with it the relations. When the wife to it suggested to go to sleep, he, without thinking twice, ran on kitchen, grabbed a kitchen knife and started hitting them the woman into breast area. When it fell to a floor, the man started striking it stabs in the back.

Having finished with "incorrect", he called by phone to the friend and told that to his wife it is bad and the help is necessary for it. The friend, suspecting nothing, in five mornings I gathered and I arrived. The man invited the guest to the house, but thus, having passed it forward, struck it two blows with a hammer to the head.

The guest on any period fainted. Having come round, he started asking, why the jealous man does it? On what the owner declared that knows that allegedly he and his wife - lovers and supposedly you want me to poison and to take away my house. At this moment the victim had forces to rise from a floor and to start fighting. A fight during which "Othello" grabbed a knife was started and put two knife wounds to the friend. At 48 - the summer man in hands in any way there was a hammer, he knocked the owner on the head and could jump out on the street. To calls for help there were neighbors who called the doctor to the victim.

As the chief of Bereznegovatsky RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Oleg Klimik told, at first information was that the man found the friend and the wife in a bed, but was during the investigation established that everything happened absolutely on - to another.

On a body killed forensic scientists added 16 knife wounds. On a question, why it made it, the man answered that he suspected long ago the wife of change and didn't want that him poisoned or put in psychiatric hospital. Therefore decided to deal with all itself. In the turn 48 - the summer victim with lost denies intimacy.

On this fact criminal case according to Art. 115 p.1 UK of Ukraine (Deliberate murder) is brought.


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