Rudkovsky at court session played a trick on a surname of the prosecutor

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Yesterday the next meeting of Pechersky regional court of Kiev at which criminal case concerning ex-the Minister of Transport and Nikolay Rudkovsky's communication was considered took place. Process on - former is at a stage of interrogation of witnesses and becomes complicated their absence.

The being head of foster service of the head of Ministry of Transport acting yesterday told details of a trip of mister Rudkovsky to Paris, and also explained, for what reasons officials of the ministry used charter flights.

The next meeting of Pechersky district court of Kiev in the matter of Nikolay Rudkovsky began at 10.00 and passed with former structure of participants, with that only a difference that the prosecutor Valentina Milostivaya joined it.

Criminal case concerning Nikolay Rudkovsky on h. 5 Art. 191 of UK ("assignment and property waste by abuse of official position") were excited in especially large sizes at the end of 2007. Ex-the minister was suspected of waste of 392,9 thousand UAH of public funds which went for payment of a personal charter to Paris. On December 24 the Kiev city prosecutor's office finished a pretrial investigation and brought to mister Rudkovsky charge (the last time of Kommersant reported about this business on June 20).

From four witnesses called on interrogation, in court the former chief of foster service of the Minister of Transport and communication Andrey Pazyuk to which duties the organization of daily work of the head of Ministry of Transport belonged was only.

"During my work it was organized Nikolay Rudkovsky's about 70 trips - 40 internal and 30 foreign, - mister Pazyuk told in court. - In June, 2007 the trip of the minister to Brussels where it should hold negotiations with European Commission and the management of Investment bank in Brussels, and to Paris - on preliminary consultations necessary for these negotiations was organized. Upon return of the minister management of foster service prepared the text of the report on the done work".

Almost all questions asked the witness belonged to his participation in process of the organization, registration and control of business trips of delegation of Ministry of Transport to Brussels and Paris, however he declared that "personally wasn't as a part of delegation and therefore knows only that knows". Charge about an hour achieved from the witness of the distinct answer to a question, in what cases for a trip regular flight is ordered charter, instead of. At last, Andrey Pazyuk reported: "The charter is ordered only for the objective reasons when the minister has to be in the appointed place in certain time and carry out it by means of usual, regular flights it is impossible. In a case when there was a need of trips to Paris and Brussels, at all there was no suitable flight. By the way, during my work Nikolay Rudkovsky six - seven times used charter flights. And not only it, his deputies too".

At 12.45 the judge declared a break till 14.15. In five minutes prior to the beginning of the second part of meeting ex-the minister informally addressed to accusers.

- Madam Milostivaya, with your surname in prosecutor's office of big career you won't make - go - better to judicial ranks. All will speak: "You to what judge? " - "I to Mercy" - "Fuukh, was lucky", - Nikolay Rudkovsky joked.

Meanwhile from a hall the remark which has caused laughter in all participants of process was distributed: "The prosecutor Milostivaya solved for a long time where she wants that you went, Nikolay Nikolaevich".

Meeting proceeded some more hours and was mainly devoted to clarification of the reasons for which indications of the witness Andrey Pazyuk in court differed from its indications at interrogation by the investigator.

The judge declared that the following meeting is appointed to July 9.


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