The summer season is finished – in Nikolayevshchina start robing "homeless" dachas

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At city dwellers it is usually so got: lives in one residential district, works - in other, the garage is in the opposite end of the city from the house, and a country site - outside the city. And if we stay daily at home, for work we go regularly, in garage we visit necessarily, at dacha - is exclusive in the veseena - the summer period. The winter comes nearer, country sites till spring remain without supervision, and there is the main problem for summer residents - to keep integrity of the property.

All real estate and much that another on country sites remains without supervision. That is about any emergencies, be - that burglary, property or giving damage, in law-enforcement bodies learn late enough - only from the beginning of the next summer season. Usually fans also use it to profit for someone else's account.

In regional department of militia the inhabitant of the regional center addressed, having declared to that from its country house which is located about page of Zaychevskoye, unknown through a window leaf got into the room and stole personal property. The damage for total amount of 3 600 hryvnias is caused to the owner. Upon theft criminal case was brought and guards began to carry out quickly - search the actions directed on establishment of faces of malefactors and direct their detention, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

For the legal investigation beginning police officers were fulfilled different versions but after almost at the same time in regional department 10 more summer residents about thefts from their country houses in territories of the next garden societies addressed there was an assumption that in the area the group of malefactors "works".

In a course quickly - search actions by militia it was detained four unemployed inhabitants of Nikolaev aged from 20 till 22 years.Children reasonably suspect of property thefts, at least, from ten country houses. By the way, one of detainees was already condemned for thefts earlier.

As suspected thieves tell, on their crime the lack of money and surplus of free time pushed. Children only on weekdays "worked". On country sites they traced lodges which owners left without supervision, and through the broken window, a window leaf, or by breaking of locks got into the room.
Generally the household equipment, garden stock, joiner's and electric tools, that is that it was possible to sell quickly were production of thieves and to receive money.

Injured from attacks of thieves to owners it is put damage almost on 50 thousand hryvnias, and criminals gained about 10 thousand for stolen property. Though, some summer residents "were lucky" - part of things which children didn't manage to sell, from them withdrew and returned to owners.

Now the militia checks the detained thieves on participation in commission of other crimes by them.

Certainly, to open thefts - militia business, and summer residents and gardeners in common here have to prevent them. Exactly for this purpose the militia leads preventive discussions with chairmen of country cooperatives who, in turn, have to tell owners of country sites about need of observance of safety of own property.

How to be saved? Such ways of protection as fences, locks and lattices, of course, won't prevent. But not always they can become a reliable obstacle for malefactors. Therefore, first of all, don't leave on the oseena - the winter period in country houses valuable things. And if all - is need to store property exactly there, it is necessary to strengthen doors and windows really reliable devices and lattices.

At emergence in the territory of country cooperative of strangers or suspects, remember their signs. At once upon theft you call in militia. Information on events or crimes is accepted in call centers of Department of Internal Affairs of area round the clock.


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