Public prosecutor's запредел.

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Epicenter of political and corruption scandals moved, recently, from BP and KMU to GPU. The armed dismantling of two employees of the department, almost ended with death of one of them; participation of the prosecutor of the Golovanovsky region of the Kirovograd area in "Lozinsky's safari"; custom-made murder of the prosecutor Tarashchi by his colleague. Without speaking about the numerous facts of bribery. At least that were properly recorded and even are proved by court. Without mentioning also "quality" of investigation of the majority of resonant affairs. Especially - cases of "poisoning", in trials on which it is involved almost a floor - the countries, and the result until now isn't present and isn't expected.

The sum of these factors directs at certain reflections about an inefficiency of the management of department as a whole and personnel policy in "a public prosecutor's vertical" in particular; about why similar "mistakes" escape to responsible officials punishment, what price of "amnesty", etc.

It is possible to ask similar questions indefinitely - answers both wasn't, and isn't present. And here certificates of a final prognivaniye of a public prosecutor's vertical of the country from within continue to collect.

"Hero" of the next episode - the prosecutor of Kiev region Gardetsky who has become the key character of the plaintive letter of the deputy head of BP committee concerning legislative ensuring law-enforcement activity of Vladimir Stretovich to the President Yushchenko and the head of SBU of Nalichvaychenko. The letter dated on October 13 of this year that is curious, has a signature stamp "confidentially" - is devoted, after all, to activity of specific structures.

However, data, in it containing, in narrow circles were quite widely known and earlier.

Equally as the Gardetsky's working before in Poltava figure, Zhitomir, Kirovograd, Dnepropetrovsk. The scandalous glory overtook it in Kirovograd.

In - the first because from a position of the regional prosecutor the head of GPU of that time Potebenko dismissed him (the decree No. 49 of 20.11.2001) with the formulation "for inappropriate performance of office powers".

In - the second because it "left marks" most of all in Kirovograd. Local businessmen still remember: in regional prosecutor's office there was such unwritten "price" on which it was possible to pay off from any crime - from "хулигнаки" to "мокрухи". And since the moment of "the first coming" Gardetsky in area to the second (after revolution) the sums, in it appearing, significantly increased.

"The second coming" was given more comfortable. To Gardetsky the President perceiving it not differently, as fighter for justice on notorious "the 100-th district" had frankly a kind feeling. For the prosecutor, if something happens, his close friend Eduard Zeynalov ("nasheukrainets", gubernatorstovavshy in the ancestral lands right after revolution) interceded. In case of extreme need, is more exact - especially serious troubles at the friend, Zeynalov always could address to other friend - to Piskun kept and keeping in GPU considerable influence. I spoiled mood, unless, dragged-out war with other local "heavyweight", litvinovets Spherical. To his diligence of mass media, in many respects, are obliged to abundance of information on Gardetsky's bad acts.

Gardetsky's transfer to the main area of the country was quite predicted - in GPU, despite a loop of scandalous glory trying to keep step with it, it was considered as a shot very valuable - skilled and professional. During a "anarchy" time on Reznitskaya, when the deputy. The public prosecutor there was Shemchuk, it even was considered as the probable candidate for a chair of head of GPU.

Stretovich explains "dolce vita" of "hero" on - to the: the fact of its kumovstvo with Tatyana Kornyakova (one of deputies Medvedko), friendship - since student's times, with Medvedko.

So it, or isn't present - we don't undertake to judge. Journalists - not investigators. Our task - to state the facts, bodies - to understand, readers - to draw conclusions.

So, an essence of the plaintive message of the deputy - the description of the excesses which are created in prosecutor's office of Kiev region from the moment of coming there of Gardetsky. Also - representatives of its team "transported" from Kirovograd.

"For the last 9 months exposed 4 bribe takers from among the staff of regional prosecutor's office. These indicators became the highest as a whole across Ukraine. It is characteristic that all these persons - g team - N.Gardetsky from among new appointed"

"Commission systematically Gardetsky corruption actions is confirmed as well by existence at it in the Brovarsky region of the illegal pit which functioning is ensured by means of systematic checks of other pits for the purpose of their stop financially - economic activity. This direction is "protected" by his godfather - Brovarskoy the interdistrict prosecutor Shcherbina S. A.

Besides the corruption scheme of the address in own favor the considerable land areas within the Gnedinsky Village Council" takes place. Specifically - allocation of 37.8 hectares from lands of a stock to relatives and relatives, - is approved by Stretovich.

The first in the list of "lucky" - Sidorenko's married couple (on 2 hectares on the person). Gennady Sidorenko registered in Kirovograd nowadays directs Kiyevoblavtodor. "It promotes that in Kiev region GP "Afe" got tenders for construction and repair of roads, the owner and which director - Gardetsky's friend Mamayan Cholo Ashoyevich. Obviously, such tenders are very necessary to the businessman as he for it got, for own means, multiroom apartments on Chernovol St. 25, quarter 20 and on пр - that. Bazhana 10, quarter 20.

In turn Gardetsky appointed his son Mamayan Rustam Choloyevich, the lawyer of the third class (an initial rank in bodies of prosecutor's office) the deputy prosecutor of the Obukhovsky area. This newly made prosecutor, without being ashamed, comes to the office of prosecutor's office of area on very expensive cars of a representative class of Mercedes - Benz 600 and Bentley with four units on registration plates.

It is worth remembering one more outstanding expert in right branch, also the lawyer of the third class, Tsitsuashvili Nodari Isaakovich whom Gardetsky appointed at first the deputy of the prosecutor of the Borodyansky area, and then Kiyevo - Svyatoshinsky, thus, that this expert has no practical knowledge and experience. However, not probably the head of regional prosecutor's office meant it, promising him to the father in the future a post of the prosecutor Kiyevo - the Svyatoshinsky area for the son. Therefore Tsitsushvili Sr. (original spelling, - S. K.) I presented Gardetskoma the car LS Lexus of 460 N з. AB7770 AH and Mercedes - Bens of ML-350 of N з. AA 7770 NR which are registered addressed to the wife the prosecutor Malinovskaya Svetlana Aleksandrovna, certainly with the right of management for Gardetsky".

Further нардеп tells about pocket "charitable" fund "Pravoporyadok" to which accounts "funds for release of detainees and arrested from - under guards are transferred, and also for closing of criminal cases". To the subordinates helping it "to turn" similar operations - buys apartments. In particular, to families the Bulrush and Olifirenko, where spouses - public prosecutor's workers. Before working in the Kirovograd area.

"Through Olifirenko R. Yu. and other deputy of the prosecutor of the area, Klenik Dana Danilovna, also from Gardetsky's clan, the last wrapped up in own favor about 100 hectares of the earth of villages Gorenichi, Lisniki, Kiyevo's other villages - the Svyatoshinsky area".

Except other, Stretovich convicts Gardetsky of possession of private houses in Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava and Zaporozhye where in due time I worked; also - the pharmacy network consisting of ten points, registered on his wife.

"Four (! ! ! ) prosecutors from Gardetsky's team so were fond of the criminal trade that were detained by the staff of SBU at the time of receiving bribes". One of them - the assistant to the Vasilkovsky interdistrict prosecutor of Kiev region Litvinenko - Bryum E.M. concerning which the pretrial investigation is already completed. Proceedings No. 49-2749 initiated in connection with an established fact of receiving by the official of a bribe in especially large sizes. In April the employee of Sberbank personally transferred to the public prosecutor's assistant the statement from the head of the bank branch concerning initiation of proceedings on acts citizen Vakhed Parast Kolor Ramin. Bankers convicted the citizen of falsification of documents when receiving the credit. However, to register properly, the statement, to report about it to the management, Litvinenko - Bryum didn't become. Instead - Vakhedu promised "to rumple" a question in exchange for a bribe (previously having struck the swindler to psychological processing). Initial "price" in 15 thousand c.u. was transformed, in the course of the bargaining, in 10 thousand c.u., meaning payment at first 3 500 thousand, then - 6 500. It is perceptible: "bargaining" happened directly in Litvinenko's office office - Bryuma.

To the explanation offered by the public prosecutor's assistant directly after detention, Zhvanetsky would envy.

On the first of June 2009-guo Wakhed Parast reported about all this SBU. In the evening of the same day - I gave Litvinenko's first "tranche" - to Bryum whom right there tied Sbushniki.

"... the morning I was in premises of prosecutor's office of area and drank 300 grams of vodka in Gardetsky's office for his birthday. Earlier at the initiative of Gardetsky me translated from prosecutor's office of the Kirovograd area as best volleyball player. Having congratulated, thus, the prosecutor of the region, I went in Cornflowers to the private apartment - to take a bribe for the chief with whom every Friday I play volleyball in working hours".

"For this bribe taker personally Gardetskitsy, on the eve of removal of charge 28.07.09. I came to White Church to the judge Fedorova to agree about the punishment which hasn't been connected with imprisonment. Therefore, obviously, Litvinenko - Bryum received "conditionally", - Stretovich allows.

Another matter - No. 49-2392 (year before - in May 2008-го) excited against the assistant prosecutor of the Zgurovsky region of Kiev region Feshchenko E.M. Tozhe as it is simple to guess, for bribe extortion. And bribes, to public prosecutor's measures, small - in one and a half thousand dollars. Feshchenko was condemned for five years right deprivation by two years to hold public prosecutor's positions, however he "got off" with disposal of serving of the main punishment with a trial period for two years.

One more business - No. 49-2594, excited (31.10. 2008) against the senior prosecutor of department of supervision of observance of laws on transport of prosecutor's office of Kiev region Maksimov of M. A. Motiv former - bribery. The sum - two thousand c.u.

The Fastovsky interdistrict prosecutor Ferenc O. B. became "hero" of business No. 49-2621 (bribe extortion in 5 thousand hryvnias). In April the court "gave" it five years, plus - a ban three years to hold public prosecutor's positions. As well as in a case with Feshchenko, Ferenc released, "having scolded" three years of a trial period.

Stretovich convicts the same Gardetsky of contribution to appointment to positions of the assistant to the prosecutor of the Tarashchansky area killed recently Bugriya called by bodies by the customer of a crime. Still - the notorious prosecutor of the Golovanovsky Area of Kirovogradshchina Evgeny Gorbenko participating in "Lozinsky's safari"

In "the dry rest": four prosecutors - the bribe taker, subordinated to the uniform chief and managed to avoid deserved punishment. Still - at least two doubtful appointments which have been carried out by the same chief.

Instead of an epilog

This article - isn't "exposure" attempt "the great and awful corrupt official". Unfortunately, such figures in domestic power structures though take away.On every second any deputy inquiry, any protocol on corruption is composed. However, ours, to everything got used, society it is difficult to surprise with something, especially - to shock. Therefore, the similar materials exposing a greedy mask of the next bureaucrat, are stored in archives of colleagues - journalists by packs. Their publication each time generates suspicion in "custom-made" character of a material, as "main character" in the text, as a rule, one. Similar argument - political attacks, "heroes" "beat off", often. On that also comes to an end. Once the phrase "political order" is heard, other questions disappear. And subjects of corruption acts and remain uninvestigated, guilty - unpunished.


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