The Nikolaev GAI officers stopped the car, "stuffed" tramadoly

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Attention of inspectors of GAI serving on 133 - the m kilometer of the highway "The Resident of Ulyanovsk — Nikolaev", attracted the car VAZ-2107. Or rather, not the car, and those maneuvers which were carried out by the driver. Having stopped the car, inspectors, as well as it is necessary, were presented and started verification of documents. But it is unexpected 19 - the summer driver and him 21 - the summer companion started being nervous strongly. After survey of their car it became clear that they not for nothing worried: in a car 90 capsules трамадола were revealed. It became clear that young people went from Yuzhnoukrainsk to Voznesensk. And a narcocontaining preparation, guys explained, they carried for for own use.

The purpose of acquisition and transportation of the preparation "Tramadol" will become clear during carrying out pre-judicial investigation. As well as legality of acquisition of poisonous medicine. But after the corresponding examination young people probably should bear responsibility on all severity of the law. According to the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko of the persons who are engaged in illicit trafficking, will bring to trial according to the 13th section of the Criminal code of Ukraine under articles from 305 to 321. Here, for example, according to article 307 for "Illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer or sale of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs" comes criminal liability in the form of imprisonment for a period of 3 till 8 years. Article 309 - "Illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs without sales objective" provides restriction or imprisonment till 3 years.In turn, article 321 - "Illegal production, production, acquisition, transportation, transfer, storage with a sales objective or sale of toxic and strong agents" prescribes a measure punishments a penalty from 50-ти tax-free minima of the income of citizens or imprisonment till 3 years.

The last years release of this preparation in Ukraine annually increased, and medicine "walked" on all state. For example, if in 2005 74 million doses were made, in 2006 - m - already 94, and in 2007 release "cavorted" to 176 million! Though the real need for the tramadol as in medicine made only 8 - 10 million doses a year. Thus, the most part of medicine was in an illegal turn, there was a realization in entertaining institutions, drugstores or through underground dealer networks. Certainly, law enforcement officers in this situation weren't idle.

- In 4 months only this year 2,124 million doses were withdrawn from illicit trafficking, - Yu. Lutsenko on a press - conferences in Cabinet of Ministers emphasized. - Militiamen revealed 23,7 thousand narcocrimes, opened 11 organized criminal groups of narcobusinessmen.

Alas, the majority of medicines can be bought today without recipe. Including, трамадол to which many fans of "drugs" now give preference: it rather inexpensive; gives very notable effect; it is easy to find it. And, unfortunately, every day more and more young people is caught in a narcotic net - whether from inaction, whether by naivety, in hope that everything will escape them punishment.

Since 2005 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs constantly suggested the Cabinet to include трамадол in the list of narcotic substances and only on June 4 this year the relevant resolution was accepted.


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