In Nikolayevshchina 16 - the summer granddaughter, having got through a balcony into the apartment of the grandmother, I took away from it all savings

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In Ochakov city department of militia the statement from 77 - the summer woman who reported arrived that unknown rushed into her apartment and stole its savings for total amount of 5200 thousand UAH

According to preliminary information, to commission of theft there could be an involved granddaughter of the victim who a day before incident escaped from the parental house.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, 16 - the summer girl wasn't characterized positively neither family members, nor the management of educational institution. Earlier it was already caught on theft of money. When the schoolgirl once again escaped from the house, parents immediately called by phone to the grandmother and warned that the girl can come to it "on a visit". This message didn't please the pensioner - she with the granddaughter was for a long time in aversions, didn't want to see it especially, and to let in the apartment especially. And the daughter advised not to open a door if suddenly the granddaughter decides to declare herself.

However 16 - the summer little girl also didn't think just like that to come to see the granny - the plan at it was where is more artful. Having taken itself in assistants 25 - the summer acquaintance who was married and I had already five children, it went to that house where there lived the grandmother.

The guy, without hesitation, knocked at doors of the pensioner and it was presented by the law enforcement officer. The woman, without opening, I reported that she doesn't break the law, and the militia has to come in the afternoon days.

After they didn't manage to get to the apartment through doors, the couple decided to try the luck through a balcony - on a tree trunk they got on the second a floor. At this moment balcony doors had a hostess of the apartment and when the man beat out doors-legged, hooked on it. The woman fell and for some time fainted. The granddaughter knew where the pensioner stored money therefore to take away them didn't make efforts. When the objectives were achieved, criminals disappeared.

Accepted quickly - search measures the girl was detained. At first it, trying to confuse militiamen, I borrowed a name and I told that the victim doesn't know. Then I convinced that has no relation to a crime.But the fault of the girl nevertheless was proved. From it withdrew about 3 thousand UAH. Part of money criminals already were in time потра


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