In Rada medical scandal

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Yesterday the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko accused ex-the prime minister Victor Yanukovych of corruption. Allegedly, being the prime minister, he extremely expensively - for 300 thousand UAH - bought medical ventilators whereas now they are bought at the price of 110 thousand UAH

The prime minister intends to create the special interdepartmental commission, urged to investigate as purchases were carried out earlier. This commission, except deputies, has to include representatives of all power structures. "As soon as it will be established though one fact that bought the medical equipment and drugs on any kickbacks and unclear margins, instead of at the price of the producer, I will personally initiate initiation of criminal cases", - summed up Tymoshenko.

Meanwhile the Party of Regions decided to strike the government back. The head of committee of the Verkhovna Rada of health care Tatyana Bakhteeva directed Yulia Timoshenko's inquiry in which accused the government of purchase of 450 outdated medical ventilators. On its information, devices are made by the American company General Electric, however now are in Israel and long time for the unknown reasons weren't used. "Raise doubts as the purchase scheme, and the price - approximately it will make about 110 thousand UAH. Why production of such known American producer is bought at such low price and bought through the intermediary in Israel? " - it is spoken in Bakhteeva's inquiry which text "BUSINESS" has. For a dense forest of persuasiveness of Bakhteev gives the following example: earlier the Cabinet of Ministers bought similar devices in Austria 50 thousand euros.

Besides, "regionalka" Tatyana Bakhteeva explained why Yanukovych's government bought medical ventilators 300 thousand UAH. "In 2007 when Victor Fedorovich was the prime minister, and the Minister of Health - the communist Yury Gaydayev, made medical ventilator purchases for the patients lying under anesthetic. And now we speak about devices with a membrane oksigenator which are necessary for patients with bilateral pneumonia", - Bakhteeva claims.

However the ex-the Minister of Health Nikolay Polishchuk assures:300 thousand it is very expensive. According to him, it in 2005 bought similar devices at the price about 50 thousand UAH. "Then we really could buy this equipment at unprecedentedly low prices, however now the Kiev plant "Burevestnik" modernized them therefore the price reaches 100 thousand UAH", - Polishchuk noted.

Dispute on the price of the medical equipment will proceed and today. For the first time the commission on investigation of corruption actions will gather for the meeting when purchasing the medical equipment and drugs in 2007-2009.


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