Eviscerators of "ZHIGULI" in Semferopole

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Recently field investigators of the Kiev RO of militia of Simferopol should face unusual stealings. Singularity of these crimes not in professionalism of car thieves, and rather in their "idiocy" and lack of the adequate relation to reality.

Three Simferopol students, one of which study in legal higher education institution, saw in the evening of beer. And прихлебывали children, generally under way, walking down the street Gurzufskoy. The empty glass container flied extensively. Soon one of bottles incidentally carried glass aloone the standing "Zhiguli".

Children at first were frightened, but the owner of the car on a ring of beaten glass didn't appear. Then the law student suggested to cover up tracks accurately. And the Trinity stole "Zhiguli" to throw where - that far away from a crime scene. But they only to the street 51-й reached Armies where "safely" crashed into a tree. At the car a cowl - soft-boiled, and students got off only with bruises yes with cones.

The law student showed again "sharpness" to cover up tracks. Heroes merged gasoline from a tank, splashed it on the car and set fire. "Zhiguli" burned down. Guys almost told nothing to anybody about the acts. About the burned car only their general friend Borja who itself the day before stole a moped learned and sold.

Boris, in principle, had to keep the mouth shut. And it held until he wasn't detained for moped theft by field investigators. Having decided to deserve indulgence and, the detainee fulfilled the civic duty and "handed over with giblets" three students - instigators. Naturally, they became persons involved in criminal article 289 - an illegal taking transport.

Heroes of the following history two brothers - a simferopolets, each of which about forty years. In the far not youthful age both managed to visit several times places of confinement and to drink on a vodka reservoir on the brother.

Recently, being at large, brothers quite often loafed on pubs down the street Budennogo. As - that, being in a state "not standings", brothers stole "Zhiguli". Why them incurred to the suburban settlement of Kamenka already it is hard to say. But there they arranged big races."Zhiguli" rushed on the settlement, mowed roadside bushes, forced down borders and clung road signs.

And meanwhile down the street Budennogo rushed about in a hysterics the owner of a stolen car. It slowed down run when it was called by one acquaintance a little. The woman in horror reported that saw its "Zhiguli" "flying" across Kamenka with two shouting idiots in salon. The acquaintance unambiguously hinted that some more such deadly bends, and the car it will be possible to hand over in scrap metal, and idiots in a mortuary.

The victim together with the friend, on his foreign car, rushed off to Kamenka. When they arrived there, brothers just stopped for refueling... vodka in local shop. The mob killings were not long, but notable even for drunk brothers. The crumpled car the victim demanded either to repair, or to return him 500 hryvnias.

The man gave to car thieves for communication the business card. However brothers considered that with them arrived not on concepts. Having arrived to the city and having a little sobered up, they went to the Kiev RO and wrote here applications for a uniform lawlessness. According to brothers left that they were attacked by any bandits - racketeers, cruelly beat and, threatening with murder, demanded to give 500 hryvnias. For field investigators of the indication of brothers looked outstanding, such in the city long ago wasn't.

While brothers finished the statements - thrillers, militiamen found the owner of stolen "Zhiguli". After indications of this man the situation cardinally changed. Brothers from victims of racket turned into criminals - car thieves and got into cameras. As they say, have it coming.

Now our heroes are shone by real criminal liability.

Reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Simferopol area.


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