From prosecutors including from the prosecutor of Nikolayevshchina, demand criminal cases against the management of banks

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General prosecutor of UkraineAlexander MedvedkoI obliged subordinates to check till December 1 existence in banking institutions of systems of protection and to bring criminal cases in case of their absence against heads of banks for office negligence. He declared it yesterday at coordination meeting of prosecutors and law enforcement agencies on strengthening of counteraction to thefts, robberies and robberies.

"I repeatedly said that it is necessary to bring criminal cases against heads of banks for office negligence as non-performance by officials of elementary measures of protection leads to robberies at financial institutions. From prosecutors I demand to return till December 1 to this question both to carry out an inspection and to bring criminal cases. It is necessary to show to society that bankers too have to answer", - emphasizedA. Medvedko.

Thus he noted that will personally ask from prosecutors about their reaction in case of absence in banking institutions of systems of protection.

It should be noted that in this meeting personally took part the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Nиколай Stoyanov.

In turn Minister of Internal Affairs of UkraineYury LutsenkoI supported the initiative of the public prosecutor. Thus he noted that the Verkhovna Rada doesn't consider bill specially developed about it, and NBU, despite numerous addresses and requests from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, doesn't give the corresponding instructions to banks.

"I have such impression that they (heads of banks) agree them plundered, and don't take the appropriate measures of protection. Never criminals stop on one successful robbery", - the minister noted.


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