Yury Lutsenko declared that the decision of the Nikolaev prosecutor on charge and announcement cancellation in Markov's search was affected by political figures

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Minister of Internal AffairsYury Lutsenkoon recent the press - conferences suggested, why accused of beating of peace demonstrators the deputy of the Odessa city council, the leader ex-Rodyna partiesIgor Markovstill I wasn't responsible for the brought charges:

- Obviously, political figures affected a course of this consequence andProsecutor's office of the Nikolaev area,and specifically the deputy prosecutor cancelled the decision on presentation of charge and the announcement in the state search of the sirMarkova, as prematurely taken out.

But representatives of public organizations of Odessa and Nikolaev don't intend to stop. And about political figures, on - visible, too know firsthand.

- We can't claim that there is any communication betweenMarkovand prosecutorStoyanov, but there is such assumption, - the member of public organization "Committee of Defense of Odessa"reportedSergey Gutsalyukin interview to "the 5th channel". - With support of the Nikolaev public organizations we carried out a press - conference on this subject. We want to draw attention of law enforcement agencies of the Nikolaev area and in general all Ukraine. It is necessary to find out, whether really there is a communication, and as if on false people from an environmentStoyanovapremises in the White sail are issued, and the general business is, and vehicle fleetStoyanova- it is a subject for investigation. Especially, we know that in 2005 onStoyanovacriminal case was open - it accused of corruption.

- Well-known prosecutorStoyanov- very close friendIgor Markov. They even in informal conversations called each other "my general", "my friend". AndMarkovI claimed that they are close friends, - the activist of public organization "Free Odessa"toldAnjelica Demyanova.

We will remind that in March of the current year the prosecutor's office of Odessa region brought criminal case on chargeIgor Markovin beating of participants of nationalist meeting on September 2, 2007 at the building of the Odessa regional administration. At the disposal of prosecutor's office there is a record of meeting on which it is visible asIgor Markovpersonally beats demonstrators.

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Nikolaev area declared on September 11Igor Markovin the state search. Mass media reported that it hid in Transnistria, however later the source in the immediate environment of the politician reported thatIgor Markovat present is in Turkey. ItselfIgor MarkovI declared that is on treatment in Russia.

Deputy prosecutorParsenyukOn September 15, 2009 I issued the resolution on cancellation of the resolution of the investigator of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area about attractionMarkovato responsibility as accused. The deputy prosecutor cancelled searchMarkovain connection with change of its procedural status as, in his opinion, this decision was passed prematurely.

It is worth reminding, what even security service specialists of Ukraine couldn't provide external supervision over the Homeland party leaderIgor Markov. In March, on parking of a housing estate the White Sail where the party office is located, local protection - protectionMarkova- the unknown man with a video camera was detained. It suspected of preparation of attempt onIgor Markov, about attempt spoke long ago, but nobody expected that the person watching party office - the employee of SBU. He was detained before militia arrival. A bit later information that one more car with unknown is found arrived. Them too detained before arrival of an investigation team.

We will remind that earlier at a briefing in Kiev the head a press - the SBU centerMarina OstapenkoI confirmed participation of "Homeland" in murder of the studentMaxim Chaika, which stirred up Odessa:

"By results quickly - search actions of SBU versions about the organization of murderare confirmedMaxim Chaika,including the main, concerning widespread in electronic and print media of information on participation of the head of Rodina party in financing of the association "Antifa" and murder of the student", - toldOstapenko.

- According to SBU,Igor Markovnow passes on three cases is concerning route Kiev overlapping - Odessa, beating and dispersal of peace demonstration and counteraction to work of staff of bodies(incident with Sbushnikami - a bus comment), - I toldSergey Gutsalyuk.


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