The Nikolaev GAI officers revealed 396 technically - faulty minibuses

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Inhabitants of Nikolaev daily safely used services of subjects of housekeeping which provide services in transportation of passengers, employees of the State traffic inspectorate of area joined the nation-wide operation "Carrier — Winter-2009", reports sector of public relations of GAI of the Nikolaev area.

During operation, the main attention is paid to check of technical condition of vehicles which transport passengers. Availability for service during the winter period is controlled: serviceability of emergency exits, completeness, and during the work on gas fuel - serviceability of the gas cylinder equipment.

Therefore, for the first week of the held events within the operation "Carrier — Winter — 2009" on the Nikolaev area which began on November 9, workers of the State traffic inspectorate exposed and documented 808 violations of the rules of traffic by passenger and freight vehicles.

162 subjects of housekeeping who provide services in transportation of passengers and freights are checked, 2 480 units of transport are examined, 396 technically faulty vehicles are revealed. Among the revealed malfunctions is such which mainly influence safety, these are 54 buses with the blocked emergency exits, 43 - with technical malfunctions of wheels and tires; 27 - with faulty brake system; 19 - with illegally established occasional seats for sitting.

At supervision of traffic by employees of GAI 362 violations of traffic regulations by drivers which carried out passenger traffic are revealed. Thus in 2 cases drivers directed drunk buses, 46 cases of excess of the established speed of movement, 8 violations of the rules of journey of railway crossings are revealed, 12 - were operated without coupon about passing of the state technical inspection, 13 - slipping of transport and trailers.

At control of freight transportation 446 violations of traffic regulations are revealed, 6 drunk drivers are detained, 64 facts of excess of speed, 6 violations of the rules of journey of railway crossings, 14 - car operation without coupon of passing of the state technical inspection are elicited.

By results of the carried-out inspections of motor transport services where rough violations of laws of Ukraine "About the motor transport" and "About traffic" are revealed, employees of GAI before Glavavtotransinspektion the Ministries of transport and communication of Ukraine are initiated deprivation of licenses for the right of service on transportation of passengers at 1 carrier.


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