Yury Lutsenko: "Intermediaries in purchase of medicines earn superprofits"

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This year in establishments and the organizations of health care it is exposed 307 crimes connected with infringement of budgetary funds at implementation of purchases of medicines. I reported about it in time a press - conferences on November 17 of this year the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko.

According to him, practice of the conclusion of agreements on acquisition of drugs and the equipment at the enterprises which aren't their producers attracts attention. Actually, round purchases of Ministry of Health the narrow circle of the preparations allowed to purchases from which practically all, except one, aren't producers of drugs is allocated.

Yury Lutsenko noted that Ukraine makes many drugs, but the lot on purchase is exposed deliberately so that in it there were surely import preparations which, obviously, our producer can't make. Therefore there are same intermediaries who sell for government procurements of PM and domestic, and foreign production. Arrangement between the intermediary and the producer allows to receive a victory in tenders. Besides, between the intermediary and the producer there are additional agreements. So, the intermediary receives, except a 25-percentage discount for the cost of medical preparations, also single remuneration in the same size. Thus nearly 50 percent of cost of a preparation remain at the intermediary.

- Intermediaries who thus earn superprofits use it, - Yury Lutsenko emphasized. - The criminal offense in it, certainly, isn't present, but we see intention of officials of Ministry of Health who, obviously, coordinate such activity in it. Because the same lots and intermediaries annually continue this scheme systematically.

- Other scheme of leakage of budgetary funds in a shadow turn, - the minister noted, - purchase by Ministry of Health of import drugs at inflated price is.So even in the presence at the winner of the tender of documents on official representation of the foreign producer this winner imports drugs not on direct contacts, and under agreements with the offshore companies.


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