The Nikolaev bums nearly didn't bring the two-year-old baby to death - fingers of both feet were bent, ORVI, laryngitis, nits …

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In day when Angela took away from parents, she was two years old and one month. The look of the girl that concentrated on one point, slowly wandered on the emergency medical service car. Blue eyes radiated grief. What thoughts crowded at that moment in its head? About mother, about warmth and tenderness of her tender hands, the native voice recognized on notes always smiling to it the person? Perhaps... Whether here she only managed to feel all this in two years of the life?

According to the manager of sector of protection of the rights of children of administration of the Factory areaArtem Panasyuk, in service citizens with the message that the juvenile child lives in the railway settlement in the half-ruined house with parents addressed. To the specified address together with militiamen departure was made.

Employees were met by the tipsy man with the little girl on hands, he was presentedSasha, father of the child. With a family he lived in private construction which it was possible to call ruins, than premises rather. The house which has been cut off from light, heating and water represented terrifying show. The waiting room with the smoked walls was filled with old dirty things, working shovels, four wheels. Alternately rolled a box from - under bananas, bags, the plastic bags which have become obsolete pans, the shabby suitcase. The entrance to the second room was closed by the nailed up blanket. The daylight which was making the way through muddy glasses caught the bed made long ago by unwashed linen, on a floor the greased blanket, nearby the crib filled up with stuff, on a table dirty ware from the food remains lay. In an alcohol intoxication on a bed the woman sat.

As it became clear further, the present cohabitant Aleksandra 36 - summerAngela, in 1997 in search of the best life I moved from Moldova to Ukraine.Till 2004 she lived in the Kherson area. Then got over to Nikolaev where metSasha. Without having housing, together they were homeless. Once the girlfriend - a sobutylnitsa suggested them to live in the old half-ruined house belonging to it to the address ZhDP 798 where they and spent four years. There little Angela was born. The father delivered. In November of last year familiar conductors suggested them to live free of charge in the house as security guards that housing finally didn't sort on bricks. Having agreed, they moved with the baby to the neighboring street to ruins without light, water and heating. Food cooked on a fire, having adapted two bricks and an iron grid.

According to the chief of criminal militia for children of Factory regional departmentVladimir ChernegismallAngelait wasn't registered in appropriate authorities. In two years the girl never showed to the doctor, not to mention any vaccination. Respectively the district doctor - the pediatrician didn't know about her existence.

From 03:00 nights to 09:00 mornings parents worked as cleaners at railroad tracks, earning 20 hryvnias a day on cigarettes and bread. The child stayed at home at this time one. Neighbors were dissatisfied with constant carousals of cohabitants and repeatedly complained.

When the girl was taken away by social workers, mother didn't leave at all the house. As it appeared the woman has no Ukrainian nationality and still lives according to the passport issued still in the USSR. Abroad in Moldova at it remained three children who live with relatives.

SmallAngeladelivered in children's city hospital No. 2 to Ryumin St. where doctors immediately were engaged in it. The girl couldn't get up on the left leg as owing to continuous carrying close footwear it formed a callosity, fingers of both feet were bent. Under long ago unbarbered marigold dirt was hammered. When carrying out survey ORVI, laryngitis, nits was found. The girl is active, correctly put, but needs good food. She unaccustomed to water cried when it washed. Vykupanny nurses and Angela disguised as clean clothes with greed drank tea with a roll. Only as children's eyes with grief examined all of people around. To an absolute recovery the baby will be in hospital. The girl will register and will prepare documents for the direction in children's home.

Today the issue of excitement criminal business on the Art. is resolved.166 Criminal Codes of Ukraine: "Malicious non-performance of duties on care of the child or the person concerning whom guardianship or guardianship" owing to what Angela - mother can be deprived of the parental rights concerning own daughter is established.

As there is a wish that in memory of this girl terrible pictures of the described didn't imprint. And still many times in the life she could say the phrase: "Mummy, I love you! "

P.S. When we later visited a week the child in hospital, she smiled, pressed the presented doll and, embracing, holding it on hands the nurse, called it: Woman!

Assistant to the chief of the Central RO NSU on public relations militia captain Maria Tsypko


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