Whether Ukrainians of protected from criminals (poll)

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65% of Ukrainians consider a crime rate in the country high. Results of All-Ukrainian research of Institute of Gorshenin which are transferred to the UNIAN testify to it.

According to results of poll, more than a half of Ukrainians - 65,4% - consider that a crime rate in the country the high. Less than a third - 28,2% - say that a crime rate in our country average. And only 5,3% of respondents consider a crime rate in Ukraine low, and 1,1% - found it difficult to answer the matter.

According to nearly a half of respondents - 47,5%, for the last year the general crime rate in Ukraine didn't change. Smaller number of respondents - 40,8% - consider as the little that the crime rate raised. Only 5,4% of citizens of Ukraine believe that for the last year the crime rate in the country decreased, 6,3% - found it difficult to answer a question.

About two thirds - 69,4% - Ukrainians declared that in their settlement there are places which they try to avoid not to fall a victim of violence, and also don't recommend to visit them to the relatives. That such places in their settlement aren't present, told 16,4% of respondents, and almost as much - 14,2% - were at a loss with the answer to the matter.

More than a half of citizens of Ukraine - 58,6% - most of all are afraid of application in relation to them a physical abuse - beating, a robbery. Nearly a half of respondents are careful of thefts - 49,8%, hooliganisms - 47,5%, frauds - 42,4%. Of bribery and corruption in public authorities 18,1%, in law enforcement agencies - 16,7% of respondents are afraid. Thus every tenth Ukrainian - 10,9% - declared that is afraid of extortion, "racket". 1,6% of respondents are afraid of other sort of crime, and 8,2% didn't decide on the answer to the matter.

- 82,8% - declared the vast majority of respondents that they have fear for the property or health. Thus at a third of respondents - 36,5% - such fear arises seldom, at a quarter - 26,2% - are frequent, and every fifth Ukrainian - 20,1% - noted that such fear at it arises constantly. Declared that have no similar fears, 9,4% of respondents, and 7,8% were at a loss with the answer to a question.

Gorshenin's institute conducted a telephone survey on the subject "Safety in Ukraine" from November 20 to November 22, 2009. Everything, according to casual selection, 1000 respondents aged from 18 years, in all regional centers of Ukraine were interrogated. The region of residence, floor and age of respondents were quotas. The error of a representativeness of research doesn't exceed +/-3,2%.


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